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  • lol At least their is a large amount alternatives!!

    Wow. how hot does it get there?

    Ok! I will add ya ^^;;
    Ah, thats stinks D: why is it not availiable in Australia?

    LOL nice!! high five o/
    And oh yeah, hemispheres XD summer for u!!

    lol Whats ur MSN? I have one, just hardly use it often. But more ppl I get, more I'll use it right? xD
    I deff should start. I will Hulu is some time! Ty Hulu!! XD

    Florida, the Sunshine State that is freezing now XD

    AIM- djquakquak1991
    Apparently MSN and YIM are compatible, try that.
    Heroes is a show I really want to get into, everyone says its good. Just didnt hear about it till too late :/ And yes, anime is on my list fo sho XD

    lol so true, just think we are all on same track XD tho I have a cousin in California, tries calling me 9 her time when its already midnight here XD
    Any other shows you watch?

    lol no cars flying yet? XDI always thought it was cool that all the way around the world, its already so many hours ahead.
    lol true, that explains timezones too XD

    So, you're like...in the future?!?!?!?!?!?! :O Will I like tmo? XD
    Nice, thats cool! I may have to hulu the show sometime. What channel is it on?

    Nice!! You will love it!! lol u must b timezones away if ur walking at this hour XD almost midnight here.
    Oh nice, thats actually a cool concept! How many books in his series? And does the show do them justice?

    lol When can u see it?
    I believe so! If I am not mistaken, its the one where Dexter is some serial killer of sorts? Dont know complete details.

    Oh yeah, Brotherhood is full of so many twists, that even if u saw the first series, you'd be like wtf if you skipped an episode. And trust me, it only gets better with how everything plays out :D
    lol Thats ok. WHat book is it if I may ask?

    Cool, you will love it ^^;; And what I love about their being 2 animes, both are very good! Its not like one sucked and one was great, they did well for not following the manga.
    I might not be in an ordered rank battle, but i am far too busy to take up anymore battles atm, sorry :/.
    lol Well I am impatient, hence why I read online manga and subbed videos. Its all up to whether or not u want to wait on the subs, they aren't too far behind the manga tbh ^^;;

    I watched it, one of my favorite episodes actually. I can't wait tho till they get to my fave :D
    Inorite??!! I was the same, watched the first series with my friend on dvd, then like a couple months later he was like "Hey, u should read the manga" and I was like why would I do that after watching it? I never would have guessed it was so different.

    I am on EP44 as well!!! Pretty amazing stuff right? I love the new Greed.
    No problem ^^;;

    And I love it! Watched the first series, reading the manga, and watching Brotherhood subbed. Easily one of my faves.
    It's all good, been playing Days in the meantime so I'm not necessarily geared to do any pokemanz just yet xD not to mention so far me, Sol and Eli are just judges so for now it's hard to say how we're going to participate.

    Well thanks anyway :3 I'm just lending her a helping hand is all.
    Don't worry about the level issue for right now :) once things are set in motion the actual rules and regulations will be clear IE level caps, items, tiers etc. and you have a month or two to prepare so it's all good. And don't thank me, Sol came up with the idea <3
    Hello, this is a mass-message to people who I've spotted in the Pokémon thread.

    I don't know if you're aware, but a Pokémon tournament is being organised and we need to get down the names of people who would be interested in this event and participating in it. A date for this has not yet been set, but it is thought that it will be held around a month after the European release of Heart Gold and Soul Silver; this does not mean you have to use these games for the tournament since Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold and Soul Silver are all inter-linkable on Wi-Fi. Rules have not yet been set, but if the response is big enough, an announcement thread will be made and rules will be set. If you are interested in participating, please respond.

    - Iridium
    I don't think I've ever seen a school play xDD;;; I fail like that o3o;

    I just want to see you dancing and singing in a pool boy ansemble!
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