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  • *nervous giggle* Somewhat. I speak normally, but everyone in my family always say that I do have a Texan accent. Must be because I was raised there most of my life and only leaped a few states over to continue growing up. XD Heheh. But yes, if you heard me in real life. You would definally consider me to have that type of...accent. :p Oh well!
    XD Well I already have the images in my mind and I'm ready to jump into my Windows Movie Maker. It'll probably be done by the end of the week. :D
    *laughs* Ah, so I see. Well in my opinion it was my favorite. And I agree that sometimes the ice cream scenes got rather repeative. Makes me wish that Roxas would have brought Xigbar or Demyx along one time or another. (XIGBAR WOULD HAVE BEEN EPIC. YOU KNOW IT)

    And true. I never really noticed it, but it DID focus more on Xion. :p But I still like me some Xion regardless.
    *blushes* Hot doesn't even begin to explain Xigbar. Seriously, he's TOO underated in the series! Days gave him some good light, but just not NEAR enough! D<
    ;D Thehehe. You do have a good point. They had a really nice relationship. Odd to see someone like Xiggy getting all emotional towards a fourteen year old. ;) I knew he had a softside...right?
    *waves* Hi there. I wanted to say that you were added unofficially in the Xigxas fanclub. ;) Nice to see someone liking the relationship as I do. :D Might have to have a dicussion with you sometimes. If isn't too much trouble. Mawhaha! >:D
    Oh, I see. I miss school musicals though, they were fun as. But the pro shows are so much more....professional. lol

    Peter Pan, I really want to see the musical!

    Yeah, I wasn't like that. I wanted to be in this industry so my work came after musical. lol
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