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  • Eventua, I see you bro. How've you been? This is Healing Vision/The Citrus Cult from back in the day.
    Howdy and welcome back, I was probably the infinity sign when last you were active. Anyway, perfect timing, I've just opened the signups for a science-fantasy roleplay you might like. Whatever you do, it's good to have you back.

    Assemble the VNGRD
    That it is, though not quite as I envisioned them. I imagined them as having their 'skin' fade into the white of their teeth around their mouth, and with their skin generally looking too-tight on the, but still, it's good.
    I'd be willing, but at the same time I'd need to get an idea of what else people are creating, really. Might just be easier for me to make a character once the roleplay is up and people have begun posting in it.
    Of course you can send it my way, but I'd feel inclined to warn you that Original Roleplays don't ever do as well as Canon Roleplays, which themselves seem to be dropping off like flies if they ever appear to even barely exceed a low standard of quality. Plus, I don't know if I've ever seen how KHI really feels about decent science-fiction roleplays.
    Hello, Eventua. I'm doing well, thanks.
    It's nice to see you return to the Roleplaying section.

    Well, to be completely honest, I think that your idea needs to be fleshed out a bit more.
    As I always say, you can do anything that you'd like to--provided that you explain it.

    I noticed that your proposed sci-fi roleplay garnered some attention; try gathering some more attention for it. Granted, it might be a bit too large to start . . .

    I don't have much time at the exact moment that I write this; I'll take a deeper look at everything you've proposed, later.
    Among those who knew you, I felt there was enough goodwill built up for you that when you did leave it was more a feeling of disappointment that was felt than outright dislike. Certainly that was my feeling, and I believe it is at least shared, in part, by The Batman.

    As for all six of the roleplays, I feel the 'new projects' that has the most potential in KHI's roleplaying scene would by the Four Lords of the Labyrinth and Myriad. I'd love to see the political sci-fi one done, but there are too few roleplayers skilled at world-building to fill it with enough interesting characters, and it's almost certainly too big to get off the ground, at least in these roleplaying times.
    You can stop calling me Orion, I'm pretty sure we're on the terms where you can call me Jezza. Anyway, yes I did receive it, and I'm aware the fanfic's started, but I have little spare time since I've got to organise everything before university starts.
    Planning and such can still go ahead, but the actual start of the roleplay, if you still want to collaborate with me, will need to be delayed.
    I thought that I'd VM you informing you that I plan on critiquing your "Children of the Abyss" piece from your Critique Request Thread post.

    I don't have much time for it tonight, so I'll start on it tomorrow.
    It is certainly alright. My apologies, though, many roleplaying things are coming up, and it obviously means less time for each project.
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