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  • It's not a problem :]

    I agreed. Just imagine the fanbases anger if Versus dropped! Hopefully it won't drop after all this time, putting so much effort into it.

    Thats good xD started watching it again a few days ago. I love the part where kasanoda discovers Haruhi is a girl and Honey gets all serious on him.

    Yeah, it was probably for the best. Shinra got Celty in the end x3
    I know, right. Would be awesome to be a member of the Dollars, don't ya agree? xD

    Great :D
    I usually get set off crying; watching Wrath beg for Alphonse to do the transmutation. The pain he must of had to endure with Gluttony.

    So, how have you been Shaz? :)
    o3o its all good~ =3 not a bad idea i just got done with my bbs playthru as well and wait till you get a load of the MF on critical XD

    :p i know what you mean the monsters a good but they made it so you spend to much time on them the fact that i have to spend nearly an hour and something just to get a few essential abilities (once more & 2nd chance) is just annoying considering i could get them in bbs b4 i left the 2nd world.

    o,0 your form the UK!? LAWL your the second person i've met from there :D
    oh thats right you all never got ReCoM >~< wait you did get the GBA version tho did you not unlock riku on it? =3
    im more intrigued by Lea himself than the lea-isa order at the moment not sure why but im curious to see if he is different from axel in any ways and i wanna see how they work him in the story now that he's not a villain.
    -_- one of the many fails of kh2 was maleficent going from her awesome kh1 self to petes comedy buddy.

    i know what you mean riku was far easier in this game even the secret boss was easier with riku i attribute it to rikus exclusive commands though cause riku's dark barrier really does wonders compared to sora's he also has a better dodge than sora once you find the dark dodge.
    i find riku and terra more FUN to play rather than easier mostly for those very dark powers its such a nice change to walk through kh throwing around dark fire lol.
    as far as easiest i'd say Aqua is my easiest out of all the games and bbs scenario's i found her the most easy to play through.
    i didnt care much for ven cause he was to sora like imo

    xD its all good~
    Wow! You're in collage? Sounds exciting!

    Don't worry! I shall cheer for you. o3o

    You can do it Shaz! Go! Go! Hooray! xD

    I'm good! I'm writing to my friends now, and listening to music. ^^
    Your welcome, Shaz :D lol well hopefully everything works out for you and gosh time flys by fast on here!

    Of course I say so because it's true! :] haha no reason and I'm not used to so many compliments is all xD

    Oh yes, I'm feeling much better. Just the weather is changing, so it's no big deal :3 your welcome and thats good to hear that you're doing well.


    I remember that. I mostly had to cartwheel away past the vortex's in order to get to the other end of the Keyblade Graveyard xD was a pain getting sucked into those vortex's though. Next time, I'll have to give the EXP Walker a try and see if it works better than cartwheeling away.

    I'm hoping it comes out next year because SE has been taking such a long time working on Versus, that it should be close to finished by now and I've wanted to play it since watching the first trailer of it. Mostly because of Noctis wielding so many weapons at once <3 he reminds me a little bit of Cloud Strife.

    Well, I look forward to learning more about the sequel in that case xD yes, they tease us with these upcoming titles but that's what makes it so great about SE. Especially the commercials!

    Your welcome! xD Actually come to think of it, I forgot to add Ouran High School Host Club to my list too. I've watched it so many times that I love watching all of the trouble the twins cause and Tamaki calling Kyouya "mommy". That awhile back in the KingdomKey club, me and Anagram actually called each other that to mess with our friends heads x'D was hilarious.

    I've read some of the manga but the anime was spectacular! I loved all of the plot twists! Especially Masaomi taking on the Yellow scarves on his own, was fantastic. I wish Celty got her head back but perhaps she's better off with out it. Shizuo, was just perfect! Every time he chased after Izaya or lost it, was awesomesauce! As much as I love Izaya, there was one point where I actually wanted to punch him in the face for screwing around with everybody but Simon took care of that <3 was hilarious too.

    Thank you! I'll give Pandora hearts a try, since its short and has a Victorian era about it :D
    Yeah, Conquer of Shamballa makes me want to cry every time I watch it. I loved it to pieces but wish it didn't end that way ;u;
    theres no need to be sorry this site is notorious for lag and sadly they took out the delete option years ago i havent seen it in some time.

    :D did you play critical on BBS? good luck some of those trophies are ridiculous >~< didnt bother to get them all but i still seen what you had to do to get them.
    ever play kin2 final mix?

    i love the game i dislike the DE's tho i spend more time spoiling them than actually playing the game and i dont like that the whole monster thing was cool but i prefer it the way bbs done it.
    The story was just freakin amazing! Riku was the star of this game he's come full circle~ sora's part was okay but riku made it the great game it is.
    i found Lea amusing in this game as well sure his constant returns are fan service but hey its entertaining fanservice unlike certain returns *coughkh2maleficent*
    the game play was fun sure i was irk'd by the DE's but after all the menu digging they werent so bad in battle, flowmotion was neat i guess though i'd rather it not return in any other games, the dives were good, the commands were just great! lol tho riku seemed to get all the best commands XD he had dark aura, dark slicer, dark barrier, dark dodge, dark firaga whereas the best ones you can get for sora were megaflare and balloonga.

    would rant more but to lazy to type it all XD
    haha not obvious at all xD

    what difficulty did you play at? yeah i played it and i finished it at the same rate you did, around 5 days, would've done it faster but had to work. after i unlocked critical mode i started a new file and beat it some weeks ago to~
    ~^.^~ welcome miss~

    xD lol "friendly" lmao. thank u *u* tho i like yours far better...she's so pretty<3

    play kh3d yet?
    Hey Shaz! Oh, okay, glad you understand. Wow, so you've been really busy too. Between moving into a new house and classes. That sounds really exciting and somewhat troublesome with the organizing, lol. Good luck with that :] oh you got a new desktop! Sweet, now you can hang out on the forum a lot more now.

    It's no problem and your welcome. Your so sweet and fun to talk to, Shaz. Your a wonderful friend too. Thank you for saying such things about me and I'm happy you joined the club. xD

    It's been going very well with me lately :D how about you? How are you doing?


    I really hope they do keep the battle system in the next installment, because playing BBS was so much fun. Especailly with the D-Links, because they saved Ventus and Aqua life a few times against the unverse and Vanitas.

    oh my~ someone has the hots for Kuja, lol. ;D I'm just teasing and he does look mighty fine in that outfit of his. I couldn't agree more, Seymour doesn't got anything on Kuja. Between the looks and outfits. It would be so awesome to see a HD remake of it with voice acting! If only the FF fandom wasn't so hard on the remakes. Who knows, maybe SE will eventually make a remake of it someday. I mean, they don't got a whole lot to lose, considering how the franchise has been selling recently with FF13.

    I've only recently heard about it and didn't realize it was the final installment to it. I'm quite curious what it will be about, because I haven't played FFXIII-2 and know so little about it. The title 'Lightning Returns' makes me think Light's missing again or something. I'm really eager to see a trailer of this final installment and get FFXIII-2, so I can catch up on what's happen in the series. What are your thoughts on it, Shaz?

    Oh, don't worry bout that. I'm actually out of touch on a lot of anime and manga myself, lol. My mind just now, went totally blank on what to recommend, but I think you'll like Kaichou wa Maid sama. It's really good x3

    That's great that your a fan of Durarara! Because I'm a fan of it too and I absouletly love Izaya Orihara. What did you like about Duararara?

    I've watched Black Butler, Black Butler 2, Jellyfish Princess, Deadman Wonderland, Witch Hunter Robin, Scrapped Princess, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Fullmetal Alchemist Conquer of Shamballa and Fullmetal Alcemist. Then I recently watched an old time favorite, Fruits Basket and it's really funny. I've been thinking about trying out D.Gray.Man and Pandora hearts for awhile now.
    Hi there Shaz! ^^

    Since you're new here, I want to say...

    Welcome to the forums! *Fanfare*

    I'm Miki! You already saw me at KK's club though. xD

    It's nice to meet you, again! ^^


    Okay then

    Our work.
    KK's one shots.

    Our KH fanfic of total randomness. (We both work on this.)

    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Renegades of Funk (My baby and it ties with the other story.)

    A will to be broken a Namine story

    And if you want more you can look up other threads we have made.

    The games are really fun, but beware Shadow of the Colossus my make your cry.

    Well fave guy. Sora. runner up Lea. Fave girl Kairi runner up Xion

    Least fave Van and Larxene she reminds me of all my exes. Also Xehnort he's evil prue evil!
    Your Shazz right. Nice to meet you. Any friend of my partner KK is a friend of mine.

    So telll me about yourself.

    I'm half blind, a man of faith in Jesus...the of love and peace.

    I love anime, rock, video games, moives, I write fanfics with KK

    Also I love FFIX, FFX X-2, FFCC, FFXI, FFXIII, XIII-2

    Sonic, Zelda, Jet Set Radio, Pokemon, all the KH games, TWEWY, Okami, xenobalde charoicles, Metal Gear, Ico, Shadow of the Coilsis, Scott Pilgrim vs. the world, Castle Crashers, Megaman and tons more.
    I'm so sorry! I know your probably wondering why I haven't said anything in awhile. Wasn't feeling well a few days ago and life has been somewhat hetic for me >_<

    Also, would you like to meet some of my friends Shaz? They're really nice and some of them are hilarious xD just stop by in here sometime and say hello. http://forums.khinsider.com/fanclubs/163612-kingdom-key-fan-club.html

    I hope things have been going well with you btw =]


    That's good to hear :] Yeah, I really like the battle system in BBS. So I'll definitely enjoy playing KH3d then. Yeah, the card system I disliked greatly in the GBA Com. It wasn't so bad playing it on the ps2 with Re:Com though :D

    (Vanitas especially <3) would be great to have in future installments. Yup, now we gotta wait again.

    I checked it out. I've seen some videos on YouTube and I really like Zidane. Kuja is awesome for a villain. Wish they make a remake of it or something :3

    Yeah, that's understandable about FFX. Kind of makes me think of FF13 that way too. With the way they end only to have sequel that ends differently, when the first game excuted the ending beautifully. A lot of people don't like the battle system in FFX-2 (except me, I happen to like it greatly). I can't help but love FFX too :'3 Yuna and Tidus make such a good couple.

    I don't have a clue why mini games exist XP probably like a filler depending on how you look at it or perhaps it's just something to waste time on.

    Btw what kind of anime do you like to watch?
    Aw, don't be. I think we're even on the late replies xD I was quite busy myself recently.
    I'm doing alright and I hope everything's going well for you too.

    That sounds interesting, but your right. I'll have to see for myself what it's like once I get it :]
    Have you finished Kh3d yet?

    Well hopefully she will become more important in the following games, if its done right. So I might come to like her more later on.

    I love the soundtracks, there so beautifully composed. I'll have to look at FFIX and see what it's like :D
    Hahaha I know how you feel. FFX and FFX-2 mini games were a pain in the butt to go through. I gave up on trying to get a hundred percent completion in X-2 xD That blitz ball game, not once have I beaten it in FFX. Though I've tried multiple times. Love the story in both, just the mini games I don't like~
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