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  • oh so then wii? lol i dont really like the wii. its got fun games its just the storyline to their games hasnt been so good since zelda. im mostly a playstation kind of person. :D ps3s are epic. lol
    oh sure np man. :] i dont have a wii but i got a 360 and just recently lost ma live. :[ have u played the new halo 3 ODST? the game is shweet. |:O lol
    hmm...I don't really know anyhting about that. I never read anything about the game because I want it to be a surprise!
    ^^ yeah, that sounds like fun. It'll be cool to play other characters, and not just the ones with the keyblade!

    I'm looking forward to finding out what happened between Re:COM and KH2. Hopefully some questions will be answered!
    What about you?
    Epic mickey is a game ppl confused at first for another KH game.its not out yet but there is game scan pics on youtube of it. its being created with a corp. called steampunk. u should check out some of the videos on youtube.
    im surprised myself i didnt know. im usually on top of that kind of news when it comes to KH or FF. i need to pay more attention. lol i didnt think this many side stories were necessary for KH. but nomura is doing the whole deal when it comes to KH. :D and thats a good thing. haha ive seen the Epic Mickey pics and things like that. that games gonna be awesome.
    ??? what?!?! i really need to get on here more often. i havent heard anything about it til now. i gotta check it out....but what if its just nomura trying to keep us expecting something thats maybe not even true?
    oh well thats good hopefully. but it sucks to know that KH3 wont be out til awhile after FFXIV. u think itll still be about sora and the whole main crew?
    Yeah, that’s the main thing. And her real name is No.I (No one? or Number one?). Axel's Lea. And Axel and Saïx used to be best friends. Umm...Xion stats to have three bangs near the end of the game like Sora. She begins with two bangs and looks like Kairi She goes insane and fights Roxas. She loses and Roxas absorbs her. Riku and Roxas fight before Riku uses the power of Darkness. And…Mickey’s VA (Voice Actor) did the last Mickey voice acting before he died.
    yeah it does suck he died. i wonder if his voice will sound any different than the real one.
    lol that must suck aswa. but if i were u silver i wouldnt hold my breath for BbS. its not even out over seas yet and for all i know they dont have any english voice actors yet for it. but my guess is it wont be here til after FFXIII at the earliest. other than that thats the main one im going to be looking out more for than 358/2 days. i got it preordered at game stop. i still havent played KHFM+ or KHFM2+ yet. :(
    lol yeah it kinda is. just 2 more weeks and its out. this game came out real quick it seems like not too long ago it was announced along with BbS.
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