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  • I didn't really read too deeply into that topic, truth be told. Mostly because I just woke up when I replied.
    I can go back and fix it, if you want me to! :3~
    We know he called her armor "friend". The reason behind which is uncertain.
    Serious problem? Oh, I'm scarred now. Oh, and I won't lecture you as long as you don't ask stupid question again, I dislike to lecture people and even avoid doing it, but when they are like you, I admit it's pretty fun. As far as full of myself, I'd just say between the two of us I don't have the most problem there.

    Anyway I agree at least with your last words, so welcome on my ignore list.
    Why? Because it's something that is generally learnt at a very young age, respecting others peoples. To me it's something natural to respect others humans, it's pretty sad that to you it isn't. Non respecting them could pass if you still wrote normally, but you feel the need to be rude or whatnot, so *shrugs*

    Don't whine over negga rep please. It's pathetic.
    No, you're only the fourth person I negga repped in more than two years.

    Total lack of respect + blind to fact looked enough reason to me.
    Definitely not. Try looking into threads related to 'Ven having a pure heart'. It's full of them.
    Beings with Heart of Pure Light. Because of the BBS trailer, where Terra said that MX was finding 'beings of pure light', but never used the term Princesses of Heart, people suspect that before the POHs, there may be a male with a heart of pure light. This also ties into Kairi's grandmother's story, where she claims that long ago everyone had pure light in their hearts, regardless of gender. Some people claim that this may apply to talking animals as well.
    Nah, ya didn't. I spoiled myself months ago... Anywho, it's just that alot of people on here don't even have the game out in their country yet. The rules are, after the game has been out for a month in the... U.S I think it was, then you can put up spoilers all you wish.
    Somebody. Leigh. Lee.
    OoOoOoOo family orriented =P lol well havee funn lol i'm a loner i do what what i want when i want cuz its America =P
    hahahaha no its lol watch it its on BET right now u can catch the last half hour lol its funny
    lol OoOoOoOo hahaha ya its ok about soccer lol its only our coach lol and and me too i hate it lol(i accidentally posted it on mmine first =/) check it out i won't delete it til then =/
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