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  • Your request at the One Hit Limit is done :)

    and i just realized i messed up the text, by one word. If u want it fixed let me know
    Yep....i have completed everything in the normal storyline....gotten all chests, emblems, and have boughten mickey and zero gear......I still have some challenges left to complete though.....is that what I need to complete before getting Sora???
    Ya...i've got every character but sora unlocked.....so do u know what im not doin?
    hey man, can u help with somethin in Days....I've gotten all the chests and emblems in the missions...and I still can't buy Sora for multiplayer.
    ik man...they put RE:CoM in KH2 Final Mix...so all of us wanted the Final Mix...but we just got stuck with the RE:CoM instead. It would be good to put Final Mix's in America...because then some of these nOObs would understand what we are all talking about and getting some information from.
    ya...it would be good to see it happen then.

    what would they need the english VA's for anyway, are there new cutscenes they're going to do?
    I dont think they will....because a Final Mix is done for the main games...not really the side stories...RE:CoM was made into a Playstation 2 game, because people wanted the experience, and it is a main part of Sora's storyline
    probably...but since Sora with 2 keyblades made him stronger, then i didnt really understand y it would decrease Roxas' power...and did u know that Nomura had originally planned on having all 358 days to play...I think the game shouldve had more missions in it...because Roxas would leave 1 world after his mission, then it would be like 5-10 days later he returns...and they made the plotline like only 1 day had passed.
    ya...but i mean if u play as Roxas with 1 keyblade...hes strong, but if u play as Dual-Wield Roxas, then hes weaker.
    ik....its only 3 ability panels then Roxas is cool in Multiplayer...but he his actually a little weaker.
    ya...but some of those things r kinda hard...lol...like dont get hit with any damage...or dont mixx with ur attacks...cuz that just happens on accident if i miss...but the Zero Gear makes everything easier.
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