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  • Its alright! =3 People come and go. So its no biggie. Really great seeing you again, Trix.

    Do you like your job a lot?

    You're welcome. Haha. Did you ever get contacted by kiwi? I saw him for a little while on here before he disappeared again. xD

    So what's new with you?
    I'm glad you're able to still talk to kiwi from time to time. :3

    How've you been lately, Traskix? Got any snow? Anything new with you?

    I hope you're doing well.

    Nah, I don't think that's lame at all. A lot of people are busy these days, but, just gotta talk to whoever you can. :3

    Were you able to beat jak and daxter? What game are you working on now?

    Also, I wish you a happy holidays, and happy new year! (In advance. xD)
    Have you been able to talk to anyone else, since you've been here? c: Well, I hope you're able to find some time to hang out on the forum, Trix.
    I can understand that a little. I still miss Kiwi +.

    So, did you decide to go back to making tags again? Got any plans for the weekend or Halloween? (if you celebrate it.)

    Ha ha, yeah, I'm slow with KHFM too. Gone back to playing KH3d and Pokemon y.
    Yeah, I'm also going to eat less. I just bought 30 dollars worth of soup, so I should start losing weight like crazy. Btw, I think it might help shop morale if we have other means of speaking to eachother, like facebook or something? If you're comfortable that is.
    I'm doing well! I've been uber busy with college so the shop has been super dead. How are you?
    No kidding. lol. Are you on break? Do you get weekends off from school and work?

    How are you liking kh remix and grand theft auto 5? (I want grand theft auto after seeing the commercial for it. Looks like so much fun to play it.)
    I can understand real life taking up a lot of your time. x3 oooh! What games are you playing on your ps3?
    Hey Krista, sorry I haven't been on lately but school and marching band has got me swamped. I have a couple days off this week though so I think doing a collab would be really fun :) Also, my mom is literally controlling my facebook and has no idea about khi soooooo.... :/ if you get a weird message from me that makes no sense, don't answer it cause it could be my mom haha. AWKWARD haha. But I'll talk to you about the collab with messages on here :)
    I like your Mulan avie, but what happened to your other avie that made me lol? xD
    All right, I'll put it in the shop. :) And thanks a lot for the set, it looks great!
    Hey, could you fill this out for the shop for me? I want the customers to know a little bit about you:

    A little bit about yourself:
    How long you've been making tags:
    What program you use:
    What services you offer (like, let's hypothetically say you only want to do requests for tags, avatars, and wallpapers, and NOT tutorials, you'd say that here):
    Fave Color:
    Kay, I'll be uploading the shop soon. Aldrain and I have already thought about stuff we could do besides tags and avatars. I suggested we could also make custom signature tutorials for people and do shop artist collab tags for people who can't decide between two artists.
    Then Aldrain suggested we could also do wallpapers and gamer tags and whatnot.
    Would you want to offer services for those things, too? I'll be doing all of them, but I haven't asked Aldrain yet which of these he'd want to do. I assume all of them.
    Anyways, I need to know if you'd want to do any of that stuff besides tags so that I can put it up in the first post about who customers can order certain things from.
    Hey, Traskix! This is D.D.D! As Aldrain has already told you, we're planning on making a new shop and Orion has given us the go.
    So, Aldrain has told me that you'd be willing to join. Would you? It'd be great to have a member as skilled and experienced as you in this field, as Aldrain and I are younger, tag-making-wise.
    So, I'll start on writing up the first post, such as the templates and whatnot. I'll probably get the shop running by this weekend. :)
    Also, if you are on the team, I'll need a banner of your work for the first post.
    Until then,
    Yeah lol. Thanks for the support by the way! D.D.D actually wanted to make her own shop. She wants to talk to the mods over at the digital media section and see if she can open one. Would you be willing to join up with her, if you know, it is allowed to happen?
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