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  • Yeah it was pretty fun, if only we had clan wars lol. What Rp's are you making, i'm dieing for a good one.

    Yeah they were also in the same scene
    only if another IT is created. Thanks lol. There snothing to do on the forums anymore, the RP's aren't intresting to me right now
    Well, all the RPG mods became unactive, so we were stuck with the demo for awile, and then D came back but when D came back IT broke up. So now with IT gone there will be no new RPG, we will go back to the old one but, th license will run out on the contact and then we won't have no RPG.
    I figured you were doing something with skating, and i'm pretty good, busy with B-ball and surf/skating but mostly surfing. Well i'm glad your back, but for the RPG there is no way it will last.
    Awesome. I will. Not to mention, break starts this week so I'll be here.

    And yeah. Probably. I love the angsty kira side. XD
    I want to travel someday, which is why I considered driving as far away from home as possible when I got a car xD (reason meh rents wont let me have a license?...) and, sk8terboyz rule, a proven fact. in a test, 75% of girls chose sk8terboyz ;D
    XD I see where you're coming from with that. :3

    I like the idea so far. I'll def be joining this one! Sounds like fun!
    Death Note's my favorite manga.
    I like NY better. I grew up there, so I have an attachment to it. I was in da hood though. XDD
    Such an outcast. I never really liked what anybody there liked.

    OH?!!?! Death Note RP? When you finish. I'll be joining. I LOVELOVELOVE Death Note. XD
    I think it's mostly because my town is boring. And safe. XD
    I've seen one homeless guy around here. XDDD

    Well, the rp has unfortunately died. D:
    I'm trying to become a platinum asap.
    And that's about it. XD
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