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  • HE's a npc, just give me a little something and I'll do the rest, npc's don't need temps beacuse there controled by anyone.
    Can ya give me some info on Jake ya NPC, lol all NPC's must be added to the list to be shoot, I mean helped ;D
    That woudl help but just hold off on it for now, we got loads of time till the rp starts, oh and if ya interesting in anourther rp me and seph2 have made a death note rp that's comeing out in two weeks
    Cool, I just hope morem people join the pmc groups or I might have to lock the underruond after a couple more peopel join, can't have all good guys in a war tp.
    I'm glad ya re signing up man, I had to remkae this, it was my first rp and it had so much potentl, and two I wanted to see ya guys charecters again.
    Your lookinf for this bad boy

    Name: CMER-56A5 “Vaporizer”
    Class: Secondary Weapon
    Type: Energy Rifle
    Weight: 70 pounds
    Range: 9480 meters
    Ammunition: N\A (Fires a 1.4 Terawatt energy bolt, fed by a type 8 generator)
    Operation: overhauled E type Extended Rail Technology*
    Rate of Fire: 400 rounds per minute, 4 round burst, semi Automatic,

    Any if ya in the undergronud just say what ya do, if ya in the pmc groups ya can pick ya rank even up ot a general
    Well, we're all staying at Castle Oblivion waiting for the battle (or more like Cinollex and ~Sirnight~). And Kurix has just revealed he was a father but treated it as nothing. Rage is beginning to take over more of Xina for she now has a strange mark on her right hand which is covered up by bandages and no one has seen yet. So yeah that's pretty much it.
    Hello! I like this thing. Hey real quick can I have a description of Xannos please? I'm working on something for the group and I don't have Xannos's description.
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