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  • omg yes! I have a ton of new picture to add to mine, and I'll probably get on that later today, so I'll send you the link when its ready. But yeah, you should send me the link to your portfolio. :D
    Oh yes, you have to love the short fat Italian. :p I'm short and Italian, but not fat. I like green more than red, and you have to admit that baby Luigi is so much cuter! Except in the first Mario Golf, baby Mario was adorable.
    I think so. Especially for being completely self taught. I really do want some form of guidance, its just that there is no one who can help me out. :(

    If you ever want to see them, let me know and I'll send you the link!
    Same here. It's missing quite a few photos of my new sculptures, but I'll probably upload them soon. I might start a new one next week :D
    Yeah, but I think people usually like weird.
    So what about KH do you like?
    What!?!?? How can you not like it? Most of all the snowbaorders I know skate too.
    It always seems like it is. I always see people running around, camera in hand. Taking amazing photos! Do you have a portfolio of your own?
    lol I'm gonna have to say that Surfing is the coolest.
    But when it comes to speed and moves.... Snowboarding takes the prize.
    Uh, do you skateboard too?
    lol Nice.
    Snowbaording rocks! I only ever tried it once but it was awesome.
    Ever surf?
    Yikes. I can tell your really into it. Me too. I'm a major fan.
    So what else are you into man?
    Like aside from KH I'm a surfer and a guitar player. How about you?
    Or are you a hardcore gamer?
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