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  • Edit. Monty Oum died. :frown:

    All it's doing where I am is raining and being cold. Mother nature must be pissed at us. </3
    lol I've been unloading videos of snow for a friend I know since it doesn't snow where they live.

    I used to watch him. I miss that show. It was back when animal planet actually focused on animals. TuT
    Good! Sharp objects work too if you have no other option. Just make sure to cut off it's head and not touch it.

    So the tornadoes being so frequent is recent? You poor little you and cat! ;A; Was you home alone?
    That would be scary. Lucky she got out okay. That is weird. Another weird thing I've been told about tornadoes is they only go in straight lines but oddly enough they can also jump.

    You speak nothing but truths sister! So much was lost after that last ice age ended for some reason. It's kinda strange if you think about it. It's like the entire human race got amnesia after the ice melted and the land they used to inhabit flooded. Have you saw info on that old stone circle they found in Egypt that is older than the pyramids? (or at least as old as they think the pyramids are)
    Another fun fact. Plato was the first to mention Atlantis but if you look in the right places you can see mentioning of the legend actually originating in Egypt and Greek scholars taking the story back with them.
    It's cool but also so strange. They claim no one had contact but nearly every big culture on earth doesn't come up with the same thing at once. It's human nature to share information.
    Have you ever read this before? Comparative mythology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    I've also saw stories on the science channels of possible Caucasian tribes in Asia or (this is my favorite one) that caveman they found frozen almost completely in some mountains. He was at least 10,000 to 14,000 years old, 40 something years of age, and had clothes and even shoes they thought not possible of the era.
    They remade the shoes and let a mountaineer try them and he said they was the best shoes he's ever hiked in. They also figured out that the man was capable of drinking milk which is shocking because the ability to do so past ones infant stages (drinking mothers milk) is a mutation on the human gene. (meaning the lactose intolerant people are the normal ones even if the minority is many places lol)

    I keep trying to practice trees but I am having so much trouble with them. lol ^ ^"
    That is incredibly helpful! Thank you! *o*
    Have you ever felt it was easier to draw woman than men?

    rofl That would the perfect entrance to anywhere ever!
    Your art got put into a show!? Balder is a boss character from the Bayonetta series. In the first game he has a half mask like that. See: http://i.ytimg.com/vi/W3ntul6k6eI/maxresdefault.jpg

    Oh ho such good choices! I tend to play things more action oriented. Such as action rpg, platforming or action adventure. You must stay busy then! I'd probably sleep over making food or studying myself. lol

    lol I can understand that. I rarely did anything a teacher tried to make me do. The sucky school system wasn't much of a motivator anyway.
    I usually make a story or character on an impulse. I don't know if that applies to everyone but for me they just appear. Nearly everyone I've made I made while just doodling or trying to make something else. After it is accidentally made I get attached and search a name for it on google. lol
    lol Maybe you will get lucky at it's the last one. Weather where I am can't make up it's damn mind. It snows and is 20 to 10 degrees then everything is melted by evening only to get cold again when the sun goes down. THERE'S NO CONSISTENCY! *flips table*

    Not just heart-shaped ones, there are other indicators of a poisonous snake and not all of them have the heart-shaped head. Not only do they move but the head will still bite anything that touches it. The only thing I know of that kills a snake and makes it go completely limp is snakeshot. It's a small 22 caliber bullet full of pellets. The pellets scatter and pretty much decimate the snake. You have to hit in the head though or even the snakesnot won't work.
    A more bolder method of killing a snake I've seen is to whip it like a tamers whip. Idiots usually do this. They run up and step on it's head so it can't attack then grab the tip of it's tail and fling it like a whip.
    How it works is the tip of a whip breaks the sound barrier, thus the crack sound, and doing that to a snake also kills it instantly by snapping it's neck. I don't recommend this way though and if you see anyone trying slap them.

    The tornadoes were more frequent last year? I wonder what caused that. A tornado that doesn't touch down would be scarier than to me because you never know when it will hit. D=
    That sounds really weird. Everything is tinted green?
    He was one of mine too. I also loved Dexter's Laboratory. Haha don't feel to bad, I couldn't watch things like goose bumps when I was little.

    I think it would be cool and honestly more likely if there was just a more advanced human culture at one time that did all of it. When you have things beneath the water, an area that hasn't been above sea level since the last ice age, it's kinda hard to deny the possibility. Have you ever watched those shows and they will get someone that specializes in things like stone work, astrology or geometry and even they will point out they can't replicate the old structures?
    This is what is off the coast of Japan: Japan's Ancient Underwater "Pyramid" Mystifies Scholars
    I think so too. I would love to see this sakura trees blooming.

    If you like the Japan pyramid give this a go: Pumapunku - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | images: https://www.google.com/search?q=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pumapunku&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=143FVOX-I4vioASUtIKoCg&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAQ&biw=1600&bih=734

    Even if it was five I would've still liked to have seen it. Something somebody made should always be looked at by someone! \o3o/
    Your so nice. TuT Now if only I could master things like plants. lol
    Woo pictures it is! In contrast I like to mess with people just to see their reactions which get me in trouble~ lol
    haha I can picture your convention character name now, Ironhorn! (tried to think up the dorkest name he could)
    They're good! *o* I like this most: http://yasminekasem.com/133/ not sure why though. The left side of his face reminds me of that metal mask thing the boss Balder wears.

    What games do you like? Can't even work in a hour for it?

    Time varies but that one took me around two days. Writing is easy if you know what you want to draw. It's thinking up images to tell it that can be hard since paper has limited space. Luckily that one was a continued story so it was easy.
    If your attention span was like mine when I was little then I bet it's lucky you even started the first page you didn't finish. lol
    Amen sister! *rasies fist*
    I think so too! If I was rich I'd live on an island most of the year then go somewhere snowy for Xmas cause setting. lol
    lol I just do. *do accidents that is. can't even stand on a skateboard*

    I think it's a membrane. They have to have something right? lol
    I've never heard that bout the eyes but I do know you can also tell if one is poisonous by the shape of it's head. For instance a copperhead here has a heart-shaped head and is usually brown (i.e "copper").
    The weirdest part is when you kill them. They keep moving. It's freakin spooky man. We cut the head off a poisonous snake that worked it's way into our yard once and the damn body tried to wiggle off!

    You get tornadoes often? I'm glad it was only a few places then. A green sky? *tries to imagine* I could see how that would be scary as hell but cool.
    haha Courage was boss. I still have a Courage the Cowardly Dog magnet I got from a poptart box as a boy.
    Yes, yes it does. TnT

    That sounds so cool! I would love to see those old structures. I don't care what any scientist says old structures like a Sphinx or Pyramid defies logic. You know just how damn good you have to be to make something that still can't be explained nearly 4000yrs later? I love to watch shows on history showing those structures. It's always accompanied by some crackpop yelling aliens or a scientist offering theories but they still show neat stuff. I'm especially interested in that structure off the coast of Japan or that Manchu Pichu place.
    No humidity!? That sounds boss. I'm sure it'll get you one. =D

    Ah that sucks. I would've liked to have seen your DA. R-really? I was so happy to get hands right. lol They still aren't perfect but at the very least you can tell they are hands. I found a neat tutorial for hands one day and it worked wonders. Would you like to try the tutorial? It's extremely simple. You just give hands a line/skeleton structure and go from there.
    Not sure. Even if they did I doubt my internet could handle skype long. It can't even handle and hour of co-op on Journey.
    lol Your not a procrastinator are you?
    You are not the coolest person alive. About all I can do with fire is get carried away....I have tendencies. ^ ^" haha I bet a crappy helmet would be stylish though! Just think your not covered for any conventions you get drug too! Where is the site?

    haha When I first wake up there isn't any noises just a stare at death and hatred of morning.

    I'm not sure if I could live simply. lol I've grown up in a place with NOTHING to do so a video game is all I have for a hobby. I wasn't graced with musical, athletic or academic talent. haha (tbh I can't even work computers well lmao)

    I lol'd when he names all 151 originals. He even added the glitch MissingNO. x'D

    I love this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJjjMMGQ33A&index=2&list=FLio5DV5eRP892cFj_mb9okA

    Oh yeah! I made another comic since last you saw: A little mix up by Dravoo on DeviantArt (even though they're my characters...I like messing with them to much. I am a troll of godly power over their world lol~)
    I'll wage war against it if your recruiting!! *raises fist* Down with humidity!!!!
    I would pick an island or oasis if I was you. Deserts seem a bit to extreme. lol

    lol Serpents. Snakes are something to be wary of though even if you don't hate them like I do. I learned a fun fact the other day that snakes have no eyelids. o_0

    You saw a tornado!? I would've been more terrified than in awe myself. lol They say tornados are accompanied by orange or even purple lightning. Did you see any?
    I'm so far out in the middle of nowhere that even Courage the Cowardly Dog doesn't live here. I have no money though. If I got a ride and ended up somewhere I'd be there with no money.

    Ugh How do you stand it? I've been to Indiana before and it was all flat land. I could not stand myself. I at least have mountains, hills and woods to give variety here. That would be a disappointing airport experience to me. lol
    You've been to egypt?! What was that like!?

    I put it on DA but rarely get feed back. The people there don't really give good feedback either. You really think so? All that seems to have improved to me is hands. I used to suck horribly at hands. lol
    Can't even take a picture? I've never seen sculpting stuff before. Do you think it out or draw it out first?
    There is a highschool but I had it's art class when I was there and it was pitiful. Spent the entire time learning art history rather than doing art.
    Damn. I could understand two days but two months? xD
    If you use bronze and metal does that mean you can weld? I suppose that's true. If there is one thing earth isn't low on it's rocks. lol

    Kinda like the animalistic noises men make when they're to drunk to talk? lol

    I feel trolled because the ending was good but at the same time....you'd just have to see for yourself. haha
    Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun is about a manga artist in highschool. The main character is his assistant though. At the start she tries to confess but it gets misinterpreted and she ends up an assistant. It is a simple but surprisingly good story.

    That is interesting. They offer to travel you if you live on their organic farms? o_0

    Laughing my ass off: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMq-FyDBeBA
    I love seeing these crossover pictures: Link Rogue Unity by Jon-Lock on DeviantArt
    You did marching band with asthma in the humidity!? I would've told them to march without me. lol
    I wish we could do away with humidity like that. It is such a pain in the ass. TnT Summer would NOT be a problem if it wasn't humid. Doesn't help that the only decent places to swim are in swimming holes back in the hollers somewhere.
    That is all you have for snakes? lol You got off easy. We have a couple snakes here that are poisonous and they are notorious for being in yards at night. A copperhead is the worst.
    I don't recommend a snake for a pet. The only thing I recommend for them is snakeshot. lol

    Florida also has the hurricanes. lol
    I have been to Tennessee. It isn't to bad at all. It's twice as hot as where I am though.
    But we have no buses here. The only way the bus service reaches here is if someone pays it a lot of money to go out of it's way to bring them here.

    I wish I was about out of country. lol My state is almost right in the middle. TnT
    You was there for an airport only!? I would've went to smell them pines. lol

    You think so? It feels like to me it's barely better at all. >_<
    No I don't have any training. I think that could help me though. I'm not sure where I can get it is a problem however. PDF? I would love to see one if you find it! One thing I have found is that you don't really need much patience. You can draw for a whole, take a break, go back, etc.
    Bronze and stone!? You can do stone work!? I think stone is the most impressive! Bronze, steel, any metal is bendable but stone isn't. You mess up on stone and your fucked. lol

    I haven't seen Bambi in ages now. I feel so old. lol

    I wonder what the first language was like. There had to be one.

    I finished a anime called Nozaki-Kun the other day...I feel so trolled. lol
    I'm not a willing trooper. lol TuT
    The nature is a bit of love and hate. It is very pretty in fall or when it snows BUT at the same time allergies here are horrible and the humidity in the summer is near unbearable. The state is bad for snakes too. It is like eye candy but a candy that has a price that makes it hard to enjoy it. lol

    That sounds so awesome! :eek: My town is too small for even bus services so the only means of travel for me is a car. The states within a days drive for me would be things like florida or tennesse though. You can go to the upper states but they aren't much better than here, trust me. haha
    How did your friend only pay a dollar!?

    Hmm.....I would like to go out of country tbh. I don't find anywhere in america worth going to for a permanent stay. I would love to go to one of them upper east states and see those huge forests with the trees as big as my house though. :biggrin:
    Allergies make going outside here a pain so I would like to know what it is like to go into the woods and be free of allergies. lol

    I have a DeviantArt. Here is the link: Dravoo (Derek) - DeviantArt I wouldn't call my drawings all that good though. ^ ^" I wish I could get better but I am not sure how....I don't feel like I improve no matter how much I try.
    You took the words right out of my mouth! Drawing is like magic when you find someone that can put anything they want on paper.
    You can sculpt?! What do you usually make? :biggrin:

    haha I wish....nah wait i don't. The people that live in the forest with me here aren't worth ruling. lol
    Is there any forest kings? I would think a forest king would predate written history. lol

    Your name is hard to pronounce?
    It must be a good name then! :biggrin:

    Well everything has a name so that would make sense. Every word is the name of something right? It makes you wonder when it shifted from the meaning to the name that represents the meaning.
    I don't even have skyscrapers. My town is exactly two miles in overall size give or take a bit according to it's wiki page. Most of the buildings in it are empty too. Gas stations, the drug store and grocery store is all that is really open.
    I would love to travel. To broke though. TnT
    Do you travel?

    School but no class!? THE DREAM!! lol
    Don't you have any heaters or something to warm it?
    I'm fine I suppose. Nothing really new though. Been playing Bayonetta 2. It is a fun series to play. The same mind behind the first Devil May Cry series makes it. :smile:

    I use names for drawings and I have found quite a few. Many names have multiple meanings depending on culture. I learned yesterday the name Duncan can mean several things but they all revolve around dark or darkened traits.
    I also learned a few meanings to my names. :biggrin:
    My first name apparently only has one meaning; "ruler of the people".
    My middle means "dwells in the woods"
    and my surname means young.
    The middle one is the only accurate one though. Since my state is forested. lol

    Flower? It must be a pretty name then. :biggrin: If I have learned one thing it is that any name that means flower or something close is usually a pretty one.
    Hmm...I'm not really sure. I don't want to be in some big city but I would like to live in a place that actually has a town to it. Between small town and city I guess? I don't really know. One of my faults is that I can't decide what I want to do. ^ ^"

    How are you doing today btw?

    I have been searching names meanings today. I am not sure why but I find it fun. lol
    I am unsure. For every pace that is found there are others that never get one.

    That sounds nice. I don't have anything like that where I live. Even a walmart is almost an hour away. :frown:

    Games are all I have for fun. Other people hunt, fish or fourwheel. I am not much of a hunter or fisher, I get bored fast. I also cannot fourwheel. I wreck every time I try no matter the atv.
    I'm not sure. The manga probably ended sooner.

    I cannot. I don't have the money, the grades or that attitude for a college.
    I have never heard of a school right in the middle of a city like that before. It must be big. Is there a lot of things to do around it?
    I wish I lived in an area were I could get by on biking. I don't know that either to be honest. I am one of those cases of a person that has absolutely no idea what to do with myself. I lack dreams, goals or any talents to point me in a direction.
    No it is over. The final act was released a few years ago according to google.

    I am not sure I could ever find school awesome....
    So you don't live in a dorm?
    According to google Final Act was a few years ago. It was the adaption of the rest of the manga. Basically and ending to the first part of the anime. xD
    I can understand that! xD I'm not in college but tv certainly isn't worth the trouble. lol
    Are you sure people forgoing the forums are not just deciding to not bother with deeper story details? lol

    Speaking of Inyuasha toonami was airing episodes titled "last act". I never could get into Bebop. I love AoT. I read the manga and watch the anime.
    Is internet all you have?
    Will new info help? It does not look like the collections have boosted activity.

    You can pull the plug on his game. :rolleyes:

    What shows to you like to see on toonami? :smile:
    I'm doing fine and watching toonami. =D
    I am but I am a bit sad it has become so dead. =[

    I want to apologize for never emailing ya, I plan on it, I've just been really busy lately. But I will.
    soooo yea. wanted to say hi, again.
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