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  • Well usually I tell myself "I get to go to school" so it seems less forced, but yeah.

    You live in Egypt, right?
    I get fridays off so I'm just passing the time. Or looking for something to do.

    Don't thank me, just pass it forward :)
    I was performing with an Open Class corps this passed summer (basically, as I've been with corps on that level since 2005 when it was still Div II/III). So I was at World Class finals in Indianapolis. Ended up watching Crown, Bluecoats, and Cavies from the press box. :p
    I never thought I'd see a DCI thread around here.... Too bad there aren't too many familiars on the site.
    Wow, you sound talanted. thats so cool. seriously. annd congrats, Captain. haha.
    well I hav a guitar, but I cant play. wish i could but i just dont know how.
    annd the money issue. it sucks but than again thats pretty much work in general. haha.
    see the way I see it is i sit at my job and think "this will get me into the movies next week" or "Birth by Sleep...just fivee more days." hahaha
    Loll I wish I had work. my hours got cut this week though. and of all weeks! you're in a band? what kindo music do you guys play. haha and yes.
    I am extremely excited and anticipating the arrival of BbS. I was hoping to get my guide this week, but the internet lied to me sooo i have to wait till the 7th. no surprise there.
    hahaha sounds too cool to be true. and I geuss I'm good. this week is draggin by though.
    Loll. and I have nothing to doooooo
    Just got your reply to my intro thread. Nah, I don't have any audio for me playing yet, but I plan to put up some guitar videos on my new youtube channel soon, along with some instructional/riff videos :p
    Yus, indeed. =3= I forgot what it's like to be in a classroom, so it shall be an amusing experience to go back and all~

    XD So you're not a big fan of school? Not that I can really blame ya...
    Hehe, really? =w= That's good to know.
    I actually can't wait to go back to public school, 'cause I've been homeschooled for two years now. 8D;
    Sweet! i would suck at trying to sculpture. I would never have the much patience.
    lol photography is fun! hehe
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