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  • Hey man, it's fantastic of you to join the community. How are you enjoying it so far?

    Let me know if you need anything, by the way!
    Yup, lol they probably are a lot better. For awhile I used to go to DQ cause are small shop in town was closed for the year but then they reopen and they still server great ice cream ^^

    Me too. XD
    Camping is okay but I guess it just depends on weather and location. Yup just a small shop in town not as big as DQ. But it serves good ice cream XD

    Sounds like a fun plan. Beach is nice ^^ well good luck with your goal.
    Lol I'll probably be outside most of the time, but yeah I'll probably go to the beach and movies every now and then. As for friends well I'll probably come on here through out the summer. What about you anything exciting for the summer?

    Oh I'm also going camping too. ^^ but it won't be until July.

    And I look forward to the ice cream shop in town to open up ^^ yummy ice cream.
    Yeah it's sad but in a way all stories come to an end. And knowing it ends makes it even better. :3

    It could be another dragon, but idk who it's rider will be. It's been awhile since I've read the series of Eragon but it could be the girl who for sees. Yet even if it's predictable it may be someone else. ;) but i guess we will just have to wait and see.
    Okay I'll check it out then ^^

    I know how you feel. But in a way I'm glad it's long cause it's kind of sad knowing it finally ends.

    Hmm it could be her, that's what I thought too when I saw Inheritance. :)
    XD I know nov.8 I can't wait for it to be out!

    Mortal instrument series has four books and a prequel right now. There will be four more books later.

    Yeah candy is delicious, been trying to make it last too ^^

    XD feels excited for the movie to come out! No I don't find it annoying, makes me excited though ^^
    Lol ^^ yeah we both got a good yelling about the Eragon series but I found out the final installment will be out in Nov.8!! It's called Inheritance. ..the book I got is Daughters of the moon. It's an okay book but I like my City of Bones (mortal instrument series) better. Candy is so yummy though, sadly it only lasts for a few weeks. Traditions are nice ^^ so can't wait for the next Harry potter movie! Can't wait to see it finally end ^^
    It's okay, and Happy Easter to you too ^^

    I got a book and some m&m. Btw other then Harry potter what else do you like to read?

    Lol your having the same weather as I am :3

    how was your Easter?
    Lol yeah but the snow melted but the weather is still cold right now.

    Oh okay then. Yeah you have to use masks during the game (makes it easier).
    Sigh I got hit by snow again :( and it's gone back to 40 degree weather.

    Yeah just watch it on Youtube. It's really fun game ^^ and this mask you get is really awesome to use for the last boss.

    Lol yeah I wouldn't do everything TP cause that's a lot of work ^^
    Dark enough I suppose it depends. Lol XD take a look on YouTube and decide for yourself since I'm not good at explaining it.

    Good luck with TP lots of temples and stuff to get.

    I would be too! OoT is awesome!

    That you are XD summer is nice when it's not humid but warm.
    Yeah MMask is pretty good, it's got a bit of a darker story sort of. Depending on how you look at it. XD

    Oh that's awesome your getting Ocarina of time on a 3ds! I won't be getting it since I already have the game on n64 and don't really need a new ds console. But I bet it looks great on the 3ds maybe they will put MMask up on there too!

    No it's not humid really where I live just gets hot out, I like the summer too but I hardly sit on the grass cause I'm afraid of bugs getting on me :) even though is does sound nice to just look up at the blue sky like that.
    Okay well I'll be looking forward to it in April!

    Yeah can't wait for the summer too, dislike the bugs coming out though..

    Twilight princess!! XD I love TP! I've been playing Majoras Mask.
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