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  • ~^3^~ lol thats what i did, some of the endings were funny to. i found the ending you get for beating lavos in the dream palace xD kinda cool.
    :3 really? it depends for me, usually tho i beat him so i can get frog his happy human ending xD
    oh oh! did you know that if you fly the epoch to 1999AD they'll crash it into lavos' shell and skip the fight of getting into it? :D
    :D your doing good then! lol beat the dream eater yet then?
    *v* ever got the ending where chrono talks?

    :3 thats good, exchanging early tho aint you?
    :3 its a very great game! it has all those extra endings, new game+, artwork by DBZ creator~ how far you in it then?

    :D thats great! aside from well...the "thing" >.>
    lol then i'd best avoid it, dark is good but i dont like it to dark either xD plus im dumb so i doubt i could sit thru a visual novel.

    :D Chrono Trigger!?!?!?!?!?!? love that game x) heh heh especially the Ds ver with the secret boss. :O you must play a lot of those novels.

    hi! how are you today? feelin' any better?
    xD good!

    0,0 thats.....kinda more disturbing than what i read about.....just whoa....

    either or ^ ^
    :) thats good! so your fine now?

    lol is it that story bout the chick who cuts off the mans head? cause i've seen the word round the forum...i dont think i'd like that >XD

    RANDOM! what yer fav game?
    >,< i've been there....

    :3 ooh~ a visual novel is those point and click computer games aren't they? o,0
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