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    great since you are in!!!!i'm memphysgoddess and i'm a great fan of sephirith!!!actually i have take a pic of him and he was 4 meters long!!!!!:):p
    Hehehehe hey rp buddy!!!!!Just thout id drop by and saw hiiiiii hope to cya soon....OHH!!and in the Rp lyric has passed out kk?WELL!!byes for now rp buddy^.^
    :)hi there!!:thumbsup:!!!!!MY NAME IS MEMPHYSGODDESS!:pSORRY FOR DISTURB!!!!!:cry::blush:
    it for the new rp I made and because it because I cut you off from playing a good character for a why'll also it meansyou can be one of the rulers in the rp above anyone else that wants it that hasent called it yet lol out of breath
    Sorry to say but Pokemon rp will be held up because of newer rp IO posted up called Rising Tales: The Travelers Soul so here a special invite for the trouble lol
    hey Rp buddy just thought id say hiiii so uhh hello!!!!hehehehe
    kkl is interested by pokemon thing please send pm of character that you are talking about also long time no see how are you doing
    A question. Is your character on the Main Island, or on the island where all characters are at the moment? ^^
    I'll look over your story, so send it whenever your ready! :)

    PS: I couldn't PM, so I'm using this instead.
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