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  • Breaking news :<

    I ended up deleting the original edit vid.

    So I'll basically have to push the reset button and edit it from scratch.
    Where you able to find it?

    I use to have the green n64 system which came with the Donkey Kong 64 video game combo. I loved playing that one, Goldeneye, Super Smash Bros., Castlevania 64, Turok series, Mario Kart, and others. Good times. I still have my SNES tho.
    I suggest getting the first in the series, Metal Gear Solid, which is in two systems PS1 and Gamecube. I suggest getting the GC version as it has updated graphics, and gameplay. The MGS series are my favorite video games, I like how it has great characters, gameplay and really has an engaging story.
    Hope it comes out soon, hopefully by next year. By any chance are you a Metal Gear fan?
    No havent yet, just part 1. Im waiting until they get the english dub over here. Another mech series I would recommend would be Blue Gender, its been on one of my favorites for a while. They have episodes up for free on youtube by the company who distributes them.
    Aw why didnt you get to finish? XD It gets better as it progresses imo.

    Well we got dish satellite and it was a 3 month free trial which after you had to pay, and well my parents didnt have much money back then, and really got it for me and my bros. They were planning on paying but decided in the end was something we could do without financially.

    Never seen Darker Than Black, is it good as Evangelion?
    Thanks, I will. :)

    Yeah for the longest I kept hearing about it and gave it a try. My favorite is Koji, cool sense of humour and he is a pimp. XD

    04 huh? wow thats been a while. I never had cable/satallite, well except for 3 months when I was 11(but that dont count, went by too quick XD), so I wasnt able to watch it when it aired originally on the US,

    Im currently watching Trigun(again) at the moment, Its one of my favorites as well. Have you seen it?
    Im leaning on getting a PSP as soon as this job Im about to get starts up. Im too broke right now.

    What is the reason people you introduce Eva to who dont watch it? They dont know what their missing.

    I started watching it around this time last year, I heard about it hear and there but didnt have much big expectations about it, and then unexpectedly I got hooked on it XD Great cast of characters with an awesome storyline with a bit of humor and it was serious at the same time, just cant get better than that.

    What about yourself?
    Ah I see, I havent gotten around to play it yet as I dont have a DS or PSP :/

    Yeah I read it in a anime magazine a few months back. What year you thought it was going to come out? XD
    Same here, Im hoping the second one comes out soon to the US as well as the third one. Seems like the final rebuild movie will come out in 2013, thats seems a lil bit long from now :) Im sure it will go by quick tho.

    BTW who is that in your avi and sig?
    Yup, Its a great remake of the show. lol I remember being really dissapointed with the last two episodes of the original series. Good thing they made alternative endings with the movies. What about yourself?
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