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  • No ilman muuta hyv?ksyn ja hyv?ksyinkin jo! :) Hassua, kuinka paljon meit? suomalaisia t??ll? onkaan. :'D Ihan h?keltyy.
    Just look at Gendo, and you'll know what Shinji would look like. XD It's legitimately scary when you can see that being Shinji as an adult.
    I might have to rewatch that scene. XD I don't know if I noticed that before... maybe they rebuilt it quickly?

    That sucks. D: I'm not sure how to get these things then.
    Wooo! I've been legal to drink for almost two years. I'd like to think, minus one time where I got really sad, I'm pretty good. XD


    I threw the picture in the NGE thread. :D It might be a fan edit, but it might be real. I do not know. Oh god, Shinji better not be the only human alive. >_>
    Well, I'm confused about Rei. I wonder if the Rei we came to know in the past two movies (aka Rei 2) exists only within Eva unit 01 now. Because I don't see how she could exist physically after that whole deal with the Angel. Hmm...

    From the preview for 3.0, headquarters looked pretty recked. But it could be fixed.

    Same, I always intend to do the credit card thing because there's a necklace I really want on Square-Enix's Japanese website... but I never do it.

    Where'd you say that? Also, don't feel stupid! Everyone makes mistakes.
    Mari confronts 4 Rei's... o_O so weird. Since in the original series, despite the multitude of empty Rei vessels, only 3 real Rei's ever existed. And I find it hard to really consider Rei 1 and 3 real, since Rei 2 was the one I loved.
    That's a neat holiday. Juhannus, cool. :DD
    Well, just be careful! Don't drink too much and find your limits. :3 I can be pretty shy around new people, and when I drink I just tend to talk more and be more friendly. If you drink more than you should though sometimes you can end up being sad or doing crazy things. xD But that's like... A LOT.


    I agree. You know the promotional posters for the movies? For 3.0 it just has Shinji alone. ;__; What does it meaaaaaaan.

    Maybe... maybe you could get one of those credit cards that you put money on, and you just make sure to upload Yen instead of Euros or Dollars.
    Ohhh. We have summer vacation for two or four months, depending what schooling you're doing. And during the summer (in my country) we only have two holidays. Canada Day, and Victoria Day (she was a queen whom was bought an island in our country :3)
    Those two days we have tons of drunk people as well. Midsummer Day is a really cool name for a holiday. But the drunk people can ruin it. D: I can't believe people have died!
    Why are you scared about what you'll do?


    I think he's trying really hard to envision the series in a condensed, but powerful way. I'm excited and nervous for 3.0

    You would probably have to pay through a credit card and I'm not sure how the money conversion would work that way
    What's midsummer's day? xD just... the middle of a day during summer?
    I hate the night, because everyone is drunk when I walk home from a friend's and they're all like yelling and I have headphones on. SO they get up in my face and scare the crap outta me. xD Sober = not drunk.

    Oh well, I do that sometimes XD


    I agree, it is sad. That's why Anno made the deal for a constricted amount of time with unlimited amount of money.
    I think they do ship merch outside of Japan... aslong as you pay for it I don't see why they wouldn't. Yay, another glasses wearer! :DD
    Ugh, I could deal with that. <3 But Anno has been given a time limit on the the movies, in order to have an unlimited budget. :/

    Asuka would be disgusted, say mean things, slap them maybe. Shinji would cry like a baby. XD

    Yes! It's neat! I wear glasses, so I was looking at their prescription ones and was thinking about how cool it would be to have Mari's. xD

    You replied to it on your own profile? xD
    I do too. I'd also like, a better concept of Instrumentality than the one the EoE gave.

    Mari: "THE FUCK IS THIS?"

    I would be so happy if there were five. It'd just be nice to have that extra hour and a half of interaction between the characters.
    I hope it does!

    I wonder if it'll be different, in the sense that someone else's vision of Instrumentality happens? Or maybe they avert Instrumentality all together!
    It's really up in the air, everybody is trying to theorize but we have so little to go on. xD

    That scene looked neat... Mari looked pissed about it though~
    Well, there is that Treaty that makes it so only 2 or 3 Eva's can be active at a time anyway..
    I'd like, for at least one battle... to have all 5 pilots using their Eva's.
    It might, does your DVD player, play more than one region of DVD's? 2.22 in my country was only twenty bucks.

    WELL, they're supposed to have at least two or three new Eva's. One being Kaworu's 6, hopefully one is Mari's and the other is hopefully Rei's new unit or her "blue version" of her Eva~~

    I'm so excited for all of the pilots to interact. I AGREE, I wish there were at least 5 movies but the waiting is too long.
    I totally agree. If you get a DVD player from North America then you can get the DVD's and watch them no problem. But that's a lot of effort... there's always the internet. :D
    Yeah there is. We found a (possible) art work for 3.0. <33

    She grew on me. I liked the Unit 02 battle as well... I hope Mari gets her own Eva though. Beast mode did take it far. But it is a Rebuild, god only knows what will happen.
    Eva's are some crazy ass beasts now. MAri's fight actually reminds me a lot of Asuka tearing apart the Mass Production Units in EoE.
    Ahh, I'm so excited that Kaworu is in the series earlier now though.
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