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  • You've never got sunburnt? I have never known anyone who hasn't. I was a bit burned, so it was a little painful. Basically it depends on how bad you're burnt. Without sunscreen and you stand outside with your arms and legs exposed for a long time in the sun, then you basically return home looking like bacon. If you are REALLY burnt, the burning feeling is very painful like touching a stove that's on. If the burns aren't too bad, it would still sting like a bee sting. Either way, sunburn sucks. =_=
    Sorry again, was gone the whole weekend. Yep, America is ma home. It was that day. How it went? Long, horrible story. Stood outside and never could sit down in 90 to 100 degree heat all day long and got a serious case of sunburn, even though I used sunscreen.
    Oh! Sorry I didn't respond immediately! I was busy preparing my things for today. At school, my whole school is going outside to do activities all day long, but today the temp will be very high! And I'm going to be exhausted afterwards. ^_^' Aww man! You beat me to it! I was going to send a friend request to you! xD Lol, thanks for the request! =^w^=
    Idk. You could wait if you want to just in case. But if it doesn't, PS3 sounds fine. :3
    Yeah, she usually is majestic, but I found a pic of her as a chibi and I couldn't resist! :3 I really want to play the game. My friend is the one who got me into Okami, so blame her. xD
    A video game called, "Okami". This is the main character, her nickname that her friend Issun calls her is Ammy Okami. She's of course my fav. :3
    My day is good! Glad to here your's is too. Soo......enjoying the forum so far? :D
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