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  • I won't make a new post in the thread about it, but something more concrete than this might be useful for a second or third edit of the explanatory post. After all, I'd like if my character could be involved in some project to collapse the vacuum energy of somea volume of space down to a directed beam capable of frying entire worlds instantly. Y'know, just to clear things up.
    I'm planning on sticking around, and hope that I can keep up. It sounds like a brilliant idea, and I would love to be apart of it. Thank you for letting me.
    Well, look harder.

    If it helps, I joined that "X-Men" RP.

    It's not really X-Men, it just takes place in generally the same world, but with no canon characters at all, because they're all long dead. I mean, I told LongLiveLife that it would probably attract more people if he dropped the vague references to X-Men included in the roleplay's history, and labeled it as an Original Roleplay, but I don't think it was prudent to tell him this after he made it...
    And it's a shame, because I really wanted to make it... Not so much now, as I went and joined an RP, though.
    I tried to collaborate with Piercing Light on an idea a few weeks ago, but eventually he just stopped responding to my PMs, so I suppose he quit.
    Yeah, but, the Commish existed solely based on the complete cooperation of a small group of individuals, and somewhat complete cooperation between a much larger group of people.

    Without the core group all being willing and able, it can't be revived. And at least one of them has no internet connection, and another's been permabanned, though he did come back for a short time under a different name... Before getting bored and leaving.
    It's a shame you came back after the Commission died... (Blatant advertising for a long dead RP)
    Not at all.

    You're more like a... Platypus. Very interesting, but not very active, so people generally ignore you... Except for Platypus enthusiasts.

    I am a Thor. enthusiast.
    What is this? This fellow has returned from the depths of hell, to bring light into the lives of us all?!

    Why, that's... Amazing.


    You don't seem to do very much, though.
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