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  • It's 1 in the morining over there!? It's past your bed-time,young lady! XD Oh,my bunny avatars CONFUSE you??? How dare you offend my bunny avatars! :mad:
    Yikes O_O. I just checked amazon and a new copy of FF VII is 188$! Wow... I heard that X was good so right after I got my PS2 (I'm too broke for a PS3... I spent a whole Saturday cleaning my father's disgusting, disgusting basement for fifty bucks to get one) and went out to go hit a bunch of pawn shops to find games that I bought it, and X-2. I haven't started them yet, I'm going to finish Re:CoM Reverse/Rebirth first. I've been told it's good for its story...?
    Oh, and just a warning, I suppose...
    VII-IX are all PS1 games. They're sort of hard to find now so if you have any friends with them that's probably your best bet if you don't feel like paying 40ish dollars.

    I haven't actually played much of the pre-seven games unfortunately. just the remakes.
    Yes, they are. D:
    But each one is different. You have to keep that in mind. My absolute favorite is IX.

    But they have shitty ones, so keep that in mind. X, X-2, XI (online one... ugh...), XII are all crap. XIII I hear is alright but I haven't played it yet.

    VIII is pretty crappy character and story wise but gameplay is alright. VII is a looooot of people's favorites. I still stick with IX.

    Considering it's a lot of KH's inspiration, I say yes. You'd learn a lot more about the characters and stuff. I'm still angry that they didn't have more FFIX characters, though...
    Ah, don't worry about it, mistakes happen I just wanted to warn you not to do it now so you don't get in trouble later on. No harm done.

    And the munny is for the Triple Triad game we have at the top. You can use the munny to buy cards. Each post you make is 5 munny, and each thread you start is 20.

    Triple Triad is from Final Fantasy VIII by the way.
    KHInsider is the site you're on right now... This forum and website is KHI.

    KH1 is KH1. Any other questions. :3
    I'm gonna bug you on here~. D:

    Do you have any questions about KHI so far? I could probably help you out and stuff.
    Hello there ;)
    You seem...Interesting.
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