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  • Thanks!! :) Ah later is better than never. XDXD Although it would be weird if you wished me one year later o_O. Sorry, random thought.
    Yeah just a little pinch and sprinkle that little pinch all over the popsicle. If you think it's too salty just run the popsicle under some water to wash off some of the salt, to make it less salty. I hope ya like it.
    Hey, about the bannana popsicle thing. Do not put too much salt on it, just sprinkle a little all over, just a little salt gives it a salty sweet taste, if you put more than just a little sprinkle it will be too salty.
    i know<3

    it reminds me of tokidoki so much. like the art, at least. xDD

    hehehe... that happens to me sometimes >~> i see something cute and im like "damn..if only.. " XD;
    hey do u watch pucca?
    u team garu or team pucca?
    jaejoong is cute, isn't he?:D
    oh.... well mine is chokokiller if u want to add me.... hey maybe i should have ask this a while back but, what's ur name??
    wow the same as me (exept for the wii... i had to sell it.... sniff....) can u give me ur psn name or skype???
    OMG your the first person 2 notice! It was the only thing I could rearange it 2.
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