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  • oh my goodness, you are not going to believe this! like the week after my last post my laptop just like totally gave out on me. it's been broken for most of 2010, but i thought it was just the screen..after a while, my charger stopped working. so my dad took it in some place he heard about on the radio(bad idea) they take about four weeks to "fix" it, then i don't even get my original charger back..when my dad went back to the store, they said they lost it, and made me pay 25 dollars for a replacement..it's like, wtf? you lost it, you should be giving me money, you know? so after all of that, it turns out that my charger wasn't even the issue..the piece that you plug the charger into is loose..and now it's stuck somewhere inside my laptop.
    so yeah, that's my dilemma now..i'm using my brother's computer, which is sticky and gross. >_< bright side, my boyfriend bought me a psp for our two years! now i just have to wait til SEPTEMBER to get bbs. i bought ff8 for the psp though, so that's taking my time while i wait, haha. how have you been?
    hey, i was wondering what happened to you. :p it's fine, i haven't really been on either. my laptop is breaking and it will stop charging randomly and shut off. so i haven't been using it too much. i finally had a chance to today, so i'm taking advantage of it. but i like being away from my laptop.
    my boyfriend and i are almost done with ff13, and he bought me soul silver when it came out. so i've been keeping myself busy with that, haha. what have you been up to?
    haha, awee. how cute! yeah, i've been with my boyfriend for two years. longest for me too. :p do you think this girl's the one, or do you not know yet?
    oh, well i meant to get aim so we can like instant message. if you just want to email, i can do that on hotmail. i just don't have hotmail instant messanger.
    dang, that's crazy. 50 hours, and i work zero, haha. actually, i only have aim..i don't know why i asked you for any other screen names. sorry, haha. do you have aim? :) you live alone? how long have you and your gf been together?
    oh and i have messenger, is avataroku@hotmail.com, i'll be honored if u add me ;) what's urs?
    I work around 50 hours a week.... that's why i hardly can play bbs :'( but in my little free time i play, like in the bus or in the nights since i live alone :p
    how many hours do you work a week? i would love to not have time for video games, to be honest. it would show that i have a life, haha. and i'm sorry your gf erased your game..maybe if you play it again it will help you understand things? idk. haha, do you have aim or anything like that?
    lucky, man. you have both the things that i want. bbs, and a job! haha. my birthday is in june, but if it's coming in may, i may need to get a job and buy myself a psp soon! :))
    haha, very cool. yes, i can't wait for it to come out in the u.s. hopefully it will be around my birthday. i don't even have a psp yet, lol. happy new year to you too! sorry i haven't had internet for three weeks.
    oh, it's fine. no need to be sorry. i wasn't sure if it was some forum lingo i wasn't aware of. haha. uhm, my favorite..hmm..i'd have to say kh2, even though most people weren't too fond of it. i like the first one a lot too, but i replayed it recently and got annoyed trying to deal with the poor graphics, haha. and idk if i have many other favorite games, besides kh. i like the pokemon games, zelda, and anything mario. :) what about you?
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