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Twilight Lumiair

I'm typically quiet, though I enjoy rich conversation and meaningful debates (Not very fond of too much small talk though). Currently, I'm still trying to work my life out. My goals for my future are reasonable (if a bit ambitious), but I sadly lack the drive to pursue them if it means overcoming my insecurities and fears. On the subject, I struggle with social anxiety (and just anxiety in general) along with extremely pessimistic thoughts, and frustrating paranoia that can become debilitating at times (making any kind of debate basically impossible to follow through with if it gets bad enough). All in all though, I try my best and do what I can to help those close to me while pursuing my passions. Talking about them is fun too though, that's why I'm here! ^^
Dec 4, 2000 (Age: 19)
Currently playing
Horrible Sleep Cycles & and Real Life Struggles (on repeat)





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