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  • You're so right on that about us and our yearly messages. Maybe we should just move onto Skype lol.
    Hmm.. I looked through all the requests i've made for people and couldn't find your name on anything that I've made. Perhaps someone like Oathy (.Oathkeeper.) made something for you? She was my partner when I had a graphics shop on these forums.
    I'm not sure. Is ultima_keyblade your original name because I'm getting confused with everyone's name changes?
    I used to be pretty big in the graphics section of this forum I would say nearly 6 years ago. And I know Julie (Epilogue) like you.
    lol me too, i been busy last month to pop in here, but im gonna be busy again this month. school is torturous lol. What you been up to to?
    Aha, me either, to be quite honest. I always assumed it's like a MySpace comment wall or something. You leave a comment on someone's page and they comment back on your page. I'm not really sure.

    I feel special, d'aww. It has been way too long and I remember a lot from the old days. Those were some good times. Also, I noticed, are you into Doctor Who? :O
    I know. For some reason unbeknownst to me, I remembered this site and decided to visit it for nostalgia's sake. I looked at my old profile and some old messages and realized you were the only person I remembered. So many memories here.
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