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  • Ayup. Gotta spread the annoyance to as many people as possible.

    Also nod. I've got family on the force (well, the BF of a cousin, they're not going to marry) and he's a great guy. I hope nothing ever happens...

    Skipped the itty bitty parts to cut out the cards first. Going to deal with the small stuff last. I wish I had more time per day to work on it though. Without work I would've finished on the 2nd or 3rd day. But, you know, money.

    Anything new happening?
    I see. I guess I can say the same except for the 4 day weekend I have. Thats nice.
    nooo, don't shrug it away...
    Also, pick the slowest cashier.

    I know. Haven't heard anything the past week though. Which is good.

    Well, I don't know if we can call it art. :p or great xD
    I managed to save on glue by changing my methods. Now I won't go bankrupt on glue. But I still need more...
    And I came up with a new thing for it while doing all of this. (Warp panels. Which, because of the mechanics of the game, will show up randomly. So you could set up panels to travel half the world, or have bad luck and only save on maybe 2 spaces)
    I have to cut out some itty bitty parts though. And I thought the first part already sucked.
    True, but still. You should.
    And a barely closed bathrobe. Preferably with some stains in various colors. Oh and I should lay of the shaving so my 'stache and beard get some more scraggly.

    Aaaand we're officially in a higher state of security. As in, "the army stands ready to assist the police"-security. I've already heard a story of an Algerian family who had the cops come over and got some stuff confiscated for no apparant reason.

    I got some more glue. And the stuff's good. That half page I did and didn't stick on anything was still sticky after 20 hours or so. That's good to know. This is going to take longer than I expected though.
    Have you gone back yet? (is kind of legitimately concerned...)
    Buy a single piece of fruit with a coupon and pennies while telling rambling stories, then try to return it while telling rambling stories. I'm sure we can make it even more annoying with some thinking...

    On the other hand, I've heard stories of muslims who had no problem with (some) of them either. Shit's complicated. (I don't know if you heard, but there was a large scale police action here and they shot 2 people and arrested a third. It was an ongoing investigation and when the cops showed up last night, they started firing away. What their plans were is still a bit sketchy, but reports claim it would've involved beheading.)

    Yes. And I found it! And vastly underestimated how much I needed. Out of the 35-40 pages I need to stick, I got one done. One. There was some left for another page, but I couldn't actually stick it because I couldn't fill up the entire page. So I kinded of wasted about half of a page's worth. Worst of all, by the time I discovered this, stores were closed. (has to wait until tomorrow now)
    I read a lot of things wrong lol.

    So schools coming up again. Tuesday for me. But I'm happy I finally got something to do.
    Oh ok then :)

    Ah. Take it from someone who’s let those things ruin his higher education (since I had no help whatsoever and couldn’t deal with it): don’t let it get out of control and get back in there asap.
    Hmmm, retirement. Can’t wait for that. To have freedom again, and the possibility to go into a store and do things like buying a single piece of fruit or to pay for stuff in pennies nd start telling rambling stories.
    I’m waiting because of the backlog.

    I agree. If nothing else, their covers were mostly geared towards one particular subject.

    Just need to find some good glue! (None of that kiddy stuff that comes loose after a while, which seems to be the only stuff we have at home -_- )
    Oh lol i thought you meant it in another way. It seemed like it was heading there my bads.

    Ah I see. It must have been something really really bad like world ending cuz for me its very hard to not over think especially if I'm not busy. And well its been two weeks and so far everything seems fine. Usually by now something happens but nothing has come up and I am perfectly happy ever since I made the decision to speak to her again. I do get some thoughts that might cause trouble but its nothing I can't handle.
    The "enough" made it sound ambiguous:p

    Social anxiety or just plain not in the mood for school? Because I could tell stories. About both.
    Also true, but what if I clear the backlog? WHAT THEN URBANE? D:
    I've been meaning to watch those. For what should be obvious reasons, I'll probably wait with that.

    Yup. But it's going around Europe (also understandable) Have you seen their cover for tomorrow's issue? http://static01.mediaite.com/med/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/charlie-hebdo-cover-603x800.png
    Worst of all are the asshats who came out in public (well, twitter) and thought of what happened as a good thing. Bitching about everything western (while wearing western clothing and such)
    This thing is literally the worst. Racists on both sides now have more fire for their cause and anything that even remotely resembles reason is being drowned out and ignored.

    On the plus side, that game I told you about? I'm finally in the process of physically making the cards and tiles to test out (and by that I mean print out on paper and stick it on cardboard for durability. Nothing like images or something yet)
    That's... strangely not so optimistic as it sounds. xD

    I've been having trouble getting back to work. I've been putting in a half-assed effort all week (while still making sure the important stuff is ready on time, of course) Glad my boss isn't in tomorrow (also my favorite sandwich from the sandwich shop is in)
    And I bought loads of dvds and shit. My backlog grew.
    Did you do something special?

    France is going absolutely crazy. :/
    It sounded like you were trying to say something ma'am -___- but I'll let it slide.

    My resolution is self-control sort of. I think I told you about that female friend I had that caused a lot of drama. Well I'm friends with her again and I'm trying to keep control of my emotions so that I don't act stupid when something that is none of my business bothers me. Those are the things that cause arguments and splits us up so I am trying to keep calm and controlled so that our friendship isn't ruined again. And this is for the whole year so its a lot of work.
    I sound like Tim Curry? I never noticed it? Nigel, Nigel Thorn Berry what do you think? XD ya Dio just made the abridged series so epic.
    Gah, lost this one out of sight for a while, sorry about that.
    I'm still not convinced. I've heard of at least one opinion piece that appeared in a Chinese newspaper about abandoning NK. In a country with so much censorship, that seems odd. Not to mention that backing NK makes them look just as ridiculous.

    You're welcome! (again) :p
    Hope you've had a pleasant week. ^^

    i guess you're right. It is a challenge to try to stick to it. I know the resolutions I have will be difficult lol.
    Understandable I myself haven't watched any of the second series Antfish started.

    XD no worries water under the bridge my friend. Besides it was so long ago back when I probably deserved it.
    I guess. I appreciate the dumb things since it gives my brain a break from thinking so much.

    Really ? Well thats fine you don't need one really especially since everyone fails to actually do their resolution.
    Wha... huh... Maybe I miss understood his power... he might.... GAHHHHHH.

    XD is it sad that every time I talk to you its always about your avatar. Also you made my day knowing what I was referencing x3.
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