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  • Hurr durr, knew ya were pranking me. So I leave you with this:
    I don't really know, but I just don't really like asians with blond hair. I guess it just feels a little unnatural to me.
    I forget who I liked with blond hair. Luna from f(x) looked ok, but I think I liked someone from after school.
    That is an awesome hair style. My main problem is the color. I'm not a fan of blond hair asians.

    I haven't seen that one, but I've seen Coffee Prince (All time favorite), part of Boys over Flowers, Princess Hours, and Lie to Me.
    I know, I just said bonk because bonk, not the curse word, sounds funny. I wasn't cursing. Bu, what did you mean?
    That actually sounds very badass. And I believe my mother had some see-through yellow fabric for the eyes, but at night it looked like it was glowing with a light flashed on it, it wasn't really glowing, but it helped bring the costume together.
    Crap. I'm not exactly sure. My mother made it, she nailed the antennas and eyes, (not literally, only that she perfected it.) she added a zipper in the back so it could be a full-body suit, I'll try and ask her later. I'll update you when I find out. Good luck!
    Actually man, you helped me realize something. I'd like to thank you. I have to admit, I was looking for attention but I didn't know it. I was acting like an asshole. I know how corny this sounds, but I'm gonna change and stay changed. And I'm not gonna try and pity myself or feed anyone bullshit. Those apology threads were stupid. Hopefully next time I talk to you, I'm less of an asshole.
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