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    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    It must be Terranort [from the first scene], you know; when he says "This world is just to small". To me, I think he studied time travel during his studies with Ansem the Wise, after he betrayed him and studied hearts. Or, maybe he was there before Sora n' Pals returned after defeating Xemnas in...
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    Need help with Mr. MF himself

    I ALMOST FORGOT. You MUST have Attack&Magic Haste, it makes attacks much smoother to do.
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    Need help with Mr. MF himself

    Commands I used: Fire Surge [x5] Curaga [x3] IMPORTANT: DODGE ROLL AROUND THE WHOLE AREA and hit when he's charging for his Tornado and Fire Surge or before and/or after that infamous X Slash he does. Use the Strongest Keyblade the character your using has, in other words, VOID GEAR. Also...
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    List your BBS screw ups, or moments of pure blank mindedness.

    I have 3 of them. 1. With Ven [&Before getting No Name], I went back to MF after getting some abilities I needed. As I was fighting, I died quicker than I usually did. i didn't understand why. After the 10TH time, I realized, I had Thunder Roll equipped, instead of Dodge Roll... 2. I beat [Final...
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    No namee

    I won with Ven, using 5 Fire Surges, and 3 Curaga. In other words, I raped him, in a sense.. with fire.
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    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    Thanks. ^^ Well, from what I remember from watching MF Videos, someone played as Terra and used a a whole bunch of Fire Surge. That's what I used with my Ven. O: &Aqua's the easiest, how?
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    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    I beat him last night with Ven! YES. I'm so happy. ; v ; After 19821621862 times..!!!
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    4 Days Later...I've beaten it.

    xD Eat, clean, and sleep. I get more done when my brother is asleep.
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    4 Days Later...I've beaten it.

    I beat mines at 4AM this morning. Then I beat the first secret boss on the Final Episode. then, I shat bricks because of the Mysterious Figure intimidated me. xDDDDDDDDDDD
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    How much is the BBS Guide?

    $2O, plus tax with the game.
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    Coincidence Or Fate: 9/7

    I have to take my Written Driver's Exam before getting the game F.M.L
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    BBS Preperation!!

    Headphones: Yes. Cables: Yes. They made cords for the 1000, and another for 2000&3000.
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    The English Boss left a Easter Egg.

    After watching the 10 second clip of the New English Boss for the International Version, I came across something. Right when he summons his weapon, a symbol is revealed inside the blades of light. I managed to use photoshop a screenshot to get SOME type of result, which looks like the picture...
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    BBS Preperation!!

    I went to go check my PSP, it was charging for a day. So, i unplugged it and checked how long it could play. It was at 5:25'. Then, I plugged the charger back in, and suddenly unplugged it. Then it read "10:17'". This concludes.. I CHALLENGED DEATH ITSELF for my PSP.