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  • Well it was working fine but then the light started blinking red and my game was stuck inside. ;-;
    So it was sent to the company to get fixed for like 20 days and those idiots couldn't do anything about it, they even might of lost my game. So now its being shipped to sony. ;-;
    Well lets say you get a trophy. You synch it after you get it and it SHOULD of updated your card automatically. Key word was should, it doesn't. It'll only update when you log in to EU, so basically, in order to update your card, you have to log in to eu and go on your profile. And even that sometimes doesnt work. They lied to us.
    I see you have a portuguese PSN Tag xD

    It's not updating by itself though, I have to go on the site for it to do that :(
    As Promised:

    ahhhhhh i hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was prepared for it too but my retarded PS3 moved itself perfectly in the middle of the first image. I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    whoa lol, KHI failed to give me a notification >_<

    About the problem with ur PS3? yes, i messaged u back. Congrats on fixing it!
    told you i spam u with Obi-WanZ :)
    well im gonna go watch Iron Man, family wants to watch. ttyl!

    If he's not on there......I'm personally kicking your virtual butt in so many games its not funny.
    what are u gonna do? Get Matt killed on Heroes tonight? Make me relive Ando's death?! Make KHIII a 360 exclusive?!
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