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    Thanks for the rep + compliment. :)
    I know, its just that I never ninja'd someone before. This is a big moment for me *partys*
    lol yup got it from you! thanks

    but what do you mean, it doesnt update itself? isn't it supposed to?! aha
    that menu thing. i think i reorganized the files after decorrupting my hard drive and presto! fixed ps3.
    yeah, give everything.


    and like I asked before, how do i move the backup back on to the PS3 once I get it back?
    what do you mean format it? like say that i want to format after i'm done backing it up?

    okay, that's fine.
    1) Once you turn on your PS3, if you only have one profile, hold the left button on the D-Pad so you're in the first option of the XMB.
    2) Hit Right on the D-pad once to get to the "Settings" menu and hold up so that you are in the beginning of the list.
    3) Hit Down on the D-Pad 5 times to get to "System Settings"
    4) Hit X
    5) Hit Down on the D-Pad 12 times to get to "Backup Utility"
    6) Hit X
    7) Hit X again to select "Back Up"
    8) *Make sure the item that you'll be passing your data to (A USB Drive for example) is plugged in right at this point. Make sure its the only thing thats plugged in to your PS3 so that you don't accidentally pick something else when you're asked where to send your data to*
    9) Hit Left on The D-pad to highlight "Yes" to the message that is asking you if you're sure you want to Back Up your data.

    is there anymore that i need to do to back up/restore the hard drive?

    i'm gonna do it today.

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