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  • hey VLR. im glad to see youv been updating your story =D and am really intrigued to see what happens next. i just rememberred the whole thing earlier and was like, WOAH i gotta check this out =D, lol so yeah keep up the good work
    heyy you havent been on in ages, granted i jump on time to time, whatsup?? hows the story goin?

    i read up to "bang"s1britishguy
    Yeah I read it when I went to finished reading the others you did. Happy new year by the way (Even thought that was nine days ago)
    I've just been hang out on the forum and gaming and reading and writing and drawing and... well you get the picture (You'll be here all day f I go on). Any way, your still in school? I'm in the middle of my end of year holiday, sadly I'll be going to high school this year although, it feels more of a big deal than it is.
    its awsome kinda cant wait to see whats gonna happen, kinda wished there was more 0.0 haha well cant wait
    thx soo much ts amazing haha and do u mind if i ask u to questions?
    1 if u keep me notified about the story =P
    2 howd u make the sig =D
    again thx
    i just read your fan fic
    its really good, kinda alot of twists and turns but tht makes it great.
    i questiong though....is kairi pregnant? lol because tht woulkd explain alot.
    like if you could get ven and roxas in it and not too many bright colors kinda focus on red black and goldish yellow and can it say for ven "erase me" and for roxas "whats my purpose?" ?
    hey uhm id like a new sig? lol i cant find a good one, get mack at me if you could?
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