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  • Correct. It annoys greatly sometimes, but one has to earn that stuff called money to pay the bills.
    (And get such things as the new PS3-HD Collection of KH that comes out later this year. :p)
    For me it is not university, but plain simple "normal" work. Right now I am even writing from a short pause at the office, lol.
    Like I said, it took me some effort since I didn't remember the username directly, but hey, it has been almost a year, and I did remember once I could connect the two usernames.

    No issue, it's also neat to see some of your friends to get online again. ^__^
    I had even to think about who you are since we haven't any former VMs. I had to look up my PMs to remind myself that you and J'adore are the same person, *ggg*.

    I guess Real Life handed you quite the load to work off, huh?
    My online time has dwindled quite some measures as well, although I do try to squeeze at least an hour a day in here in any possible way.
    Just a heads up, I've moved your independent roleplaying thread into the Roleplaying section in the Creative Corner because it's more suited there. If you need help with anything else, just ask~
    Great! I'm doing fine, too! If only I could change the weather, my day would be perfect =D
    Why did God create alcohol? To prevent the Irish from taking over the world! haha
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