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  • Hoi, someone's got a new profile pic! very atmospheric. Maybe I should give that a shot considering i've had this soldier icon since i joined.
    Hi, yeah! It's one of my favourite artists, Lana Del Rey. Well, at least you're committed lol
    You like Lana Del Rey? so do I! well, at least one song from her, the young and beautiful jazz foxtrot version found in the great gatsby, shame it's so short, would've loved a full version in that style.
    This new VM system is capped at 420 characters, blaaaah. I wrote you a lengthy reply, but I still don't know i you ever got it. I see that your a bit more active around these parts, and thats good :)

    Do you have an online portfolio of your digital work btw? And is the game (dot dot dot) EDUCATIONAL!?! xD
    Ah, yes! I did get your message, I'm just absolutely terrible at replying since that usually happens in my head and then I forget to actually respond lol. But yeah, just checking the forums out after KH3 indeed! It's not the way it used to be though, it seems like everyone that used to be here has vanished haha.

    You mentioned visiting other states, just traveling?

    I don't yet have a portfolio for my digital work. My entire portfolio is still a work in progress in general. School has just been craaaazy so I haven't had the time at all to work on it! I'll be sure to send you a link once it's up and running though :)

    And yup, the game will have an educational element! Its goal is to learn about how mythology influenced ancient Greek society. I chose the time period of the first Persian war so lots of material on that!
    Not really, I used to want to be a paleontologist when i was little (you know, travelling the globe collecting fossils). but the way the government is set up, there are so few jobs out there and if i did land one, i'd probably be put on an oil refinery and told to locate oil for the rest of my life. So i'm going for general biology, anything that has to do with animals i'd gladly do.
    Wow! How did I miss this?

    I see you drift in here and there, same honestly. You still doing your creatives or did you move into other interest?
    You still adding stuff on your DevArt? Still a big fan of the Jensen Sketch.
    -Citrus/Healing Vision
    Geen enkel probleem :D

    Met mij gaat het goed! Nog niet zo lang terug van skivakantie. Altijd leuk, even weg uit het Belgenlandje haha

    Wat heb jij de laatste tijd zoal gedaan? :)
    It's good to know, glad you're back.

    I'm well, thank you. It's rare for me to stop by and post here. Been so busy with work these days.
    Haha well thank you :)

    And yeah, that really was my main concern was not enjoying the show as much if I read ahead, but like you I also have a friend who read the books and still likes the show so maybe I really will be fine. It's a similar situation to The Walking Dead, I was so scared to read the comics and ruin the show. In their case though, they can be so different sometimes that it didn't even matter
    I know! I've watched the trailers so many times it isn't funny. It was my Birthday recently, and my Mom got me all 5 books as a gift. I was so excited at first, but now I am torn on whether or not I should read them, for fear of spoiling the show :/
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