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  • xD It would be bad to stop after 3 hours of a battle lol
    He was. >x< Took me a couple tries for him.

    =3 I seeeeeeeeeee~ lol I usually pick pokemon games by the mascot of it. le gasp, no epona!? B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-but that's half the fun of Ocarina of time! Pretty cool you was able to finish it without her though. xD
    I also loved the realistic look! I wish more zelda had it's look, it's more fitting than that cartoony one.
    No I didn't get a wii cause I hated it's motion controls. =3

    =] I see, you've only beaten a few then. I've beat all the zelda games I've played except the original and zelda 2.
    Me to!! Majora's mask is such an awesome game!! It's a direct sequel to OoT as well, even has the same Link in it~ *u*
    I love the new graphics of the 3ds OoT <3 8D
    4 hours straight!? Wow I stop at two hours on anything and try later xD
    xD from what I've noticed that was many peoples main team, a lot seem to use vanille as well for her death move.

    *o* Srs!? X and Y look good! Even got slight customization on characters.
    Ocarina of Time is a great one to start on! :D It was so amazing to, I remember that some how my cousins glitched it some how so that they could take epona as a kid.
    Oh~ 8D I dont see many pick TP around here. I like TP as well (not sure If i remembered it on my list). Midna's lament theme, for some reason, just speaks to me I love it.

    xD I forgot minish cap on mine. You've played a lot of them! =] Did you beat them all?
    Yes I got the 3ds version! The updated graphics are so beautiful compared to the old! I always gravitate back to the N64 one though cause of nostalgia. xD Plus it has glitches I can play with.
    It is fun! It's a great little indie game for a 3ds. =]
    Ugh I know what you mean I lost to that first form once before winning. I won with Fan, Hope and Light. I was also able to get that trophy for beating orphans final form because of those three. 8D

    *u* I want X, the deer looks to lovely~ xD
    I LOVE ZELDA!!!!!!!!!!! Been at it since I was 6!!! ;A; Which zelda is your favorite!?
    I'm more interested in the HD than 3ds buuut know I'll end up with both eventually xD

    I've played many of them lets see:
    Original Zelda (which was never beat, only had it for a time)
    Zelda 2 links adventure (probably the only one I disliked)
    Link to the Past (my first zelda game :'D I can still see my cousins playing it when I was little, I even remember where the flute was they showed me)
    Ocarina of Time (my favorite one, it captured my soul <3 ;A; still love to play the N64 version)
    Majoras Mask (one of the greatest titles, a direct sequel to OoT. Nothing felt more boss than being deity link xD or seeing link dance)
    I've played both Oracle games, loved them to~
    Links Awakening (the first one I ever owned personally, black and white version)
    Wind Waker (a great game, new look took getting used to though xD)
    Phantom Hourglass (it was awful)

    And lastly I've played all the Four Swords games. (the one on gamecube was funnest)

    8D lol I have no life.
    Cool xD I've never heard of that game. Is it a new 3DS game? I'm fine! I finally beat FFXIII the other day. I've played through that game 3 times and I'm happy I completed it :D

    I'm also excited about FFXV <3 The trailers looks amazing. I'm also looking forward to Assassin's Creed 4 and Lightning Returns xD What about you?

    I think it came out last year, it's a downloaded game. It's pretty cool xD the whole game is exploring a ship, there are not attack buttons, health bars or even jump. It's neat to explore when all you can do is switch gravity.

    \^o^/ Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good work~ Did you find orphans second form way weaker than the first? xD

    I'm looking forward to XV, kh3, pokemon X, infamous, Smash bros and Zelda! That glorious zelda~ ;u;
    Hi! ^^ Yeah, I am. I love these forums <3 How are you?

    xD Thats great to hear. I'm alright just finished a game for the 3ds called VVVVVV. xD It's music made me think of tron.

    How are you? =] E3 got you excited for anything besides kh3?
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