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  • Yeah, he has such a big ego. I mean he doesn't own the site. I mean yeah we might be wrong about the nobody transformation giving Braig silver streaks but Audo needs to stop parading around acting like his opinion is fact when it isn't.

    I mean if we're wrong we're wrong, if he is wrong then I bet Audo will try to spin it just so he doesn't have to admit he is wrong.
    I know. I think personally this site is a little like the organization XIII. You have people like Audo, Raz, and Nocturne who are the top members and people like us who they just have to disagree with becuase they think our shit stinks worse than theirs. Honestly I have never once seen Audo agree with me and I think it's personal. I have never seen him admit he is wrong either.
    Am I the only one who noticed Audo, Raz, and Nocturne are just being stubborn? I mean their are obvious physical differences between Braig and Xigbar. Honestly I don't think those three espically Audo know when to admit their wrong, they always want to think they are right.
    You're right. I am still a kid. But not as kid as you. Even if I'm not good in English, then can you speak Japanese? Even Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese)? I don't mind being insulted with my English. At least I understand English. If you know Chinese grammar very well, then you have the right to correct me. But I don't think you can even speak read or write Chinese or even Speak Mandarin. Knowing more than 3 languages is good enough for me. So, don't be a sucker anymore. Don't think you're so good. Everyone agree that you're a big child guy, by your stupid argue.
    Whatever~ I know my grammar isn't that good. Because I'm not English born. Unlike you, you wrote grammar as 'grammer', what a shame.
    here is a complete list in the magazine

    Pinocchio's World
    Beast's Castle
    Halloween Town
    Olympus Coliseum
    Traverse Town
    Castle of Oblivion
    Castle that Never Was
    Twilight Town

    and thats exactly how they are written
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