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  • Haha, definitely older brothers are evil. My older brother is a bit of an ass with his games some times. You could always say "What PS2?" and just sneak it away from them, haha. I'm saving up for a HD TV right now for my room so I can watch and play some games in HD quality. :D How was work or still at work?
    No need to apologise, it's all fine and how is mum? Haha.

    I didn't have that many games until I realised that there were many role-playing games and I decided to get it. Then I kept seeing those KH 1 trailers on TV and I decided to try it out. Wow, your brother must've wanted some extra money on the side pretty desperately, lol. I own my Playstation 2 and Gamecube. My brother owns the rest of the other consoles which are the Wii, XBOX 360 and PS3 but I play them some times. The only games I have on the playstation 2 are Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, KH 1 and KH 2 (I basically took my local video store's copy and never returned it), Shadow of Colossus (same thing with KH2, haha) a few shooting games and some misc. games. :D
    You have a fun evening then and talk soon of course! :D And yes poor NSW for not being able to win the first game, :(. I don't mind watching the games but I prefer playing sports instead. I'm on holidays at the moment so I'm just killing some time before I have to go back to education again. I don't mind at all and I feel rather cheery you added me, haha. Accepted and done. Talk soon! :)
    You should see me without the bear mask! My guessers become above ninja! :3

    I enjoy the nights out but I restrict myself to a few drinks these days. I have a feeling though I might end up going out Wednesday night to see the State of Origin with some friends and I'm sure you're not a naturally crazy person. :p I'm getting this novel manuscript done because I want to surprise my friend for his birthday in September and then see if I can get it published. :)
    No I didn't read that anywhere, I just took a good guess. Lol. I got one in a gorilla suit as well and me and my lucky hat. I'll post them over or just PM them. I did have some crazy nights and I'll probably have one this weekend. I prefer reading and writing over having too many crazy nights. :D
    I'm a bad guesser as well so we're even there. Close, just turned 20 a few months back but I look 17 I think. Lol. I'm going to take another guess and say you're turning the the next age in September. :p
    Nothing wrong with being a drop out. So did you drop out in year 9 or 10? School was a drag for me anyway, haha. I've been out of school but you can guess for how long. :D
    You're one of the few Australian people I know on this website as well, lol. How was school for yourself? Boring and the usual? :D
    I used to go to the Gold Coast when I was younger but I haven't been there in a few years. I have a few friends living in Cairns. We're finally getting some sun here! :D
    Hehe, you should try out graphics! It's really fun ^^
    Do you have any programs like photoshop?
    well if its similar to com's then im rooting a little more for BBS,thanks anyway
    wait a sec, i saw the trailers and they dont show any cards on BBS's battle system,what made you think that they r gonna use cards in BBS?(even though i'd love to play with cards)
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