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  • Well, I write many different stories from many different genres: I write adventures, horror stories, romances, tragedies (but not many), and action stories. Mostly, I write stories with a combination of genres tied into them.

    As for the stereotype, I'm actually the complete opposite: I'm somewhat chubby African-American who writes plenty of original stories. I wouldn't call myself good-looking.

    Actually, My college is relatively small; it has really intimate, small town feel to it compared to other colleges I've been to I mean.
    Yes, I'm taking college courses. Some teachers just lecture, but others are active in trying to get participation. For instance, one of Bio classes is lecture and the other is Lab where we practice the material. My History teacher uses different students to give overviews on certain chapters, and Photoshop is basically all participation.

    About the public speaking, don't feel bad about that. We actually learned in my Speech class that the average person is more afraid of public speaking than flying and/or dying. That means that essentially (to use a comparison used on Seinfeld) if you were to go to a funeral, the average person would rather be the person in the coffin than the person giving the eulogy. So, don't worry about that; it's a natural thing.

    *Gasps* you have ... Lyme Disease!? What is that? It sounds rough... Are you ... I mean ... are you alright?
    Oh, sorry to hear that. I took Biology. I thought it was alright. Two classes?? Ey. Weather? lol, that's a class? Photoshop!! I LOVE PS. I wanted to take a course like that too, but I couldn't because it wouldn't fit in my schedule *cries* I have Photoshop 2, but it's downloaded. o_O I hate giving speeches. I just break down sometimes. One time, I had to give a speech about something (I kinda forgot, X_X) and I started crying. :\ Yeah, bottom line, I can't give speeches. It's not just speeches, it's being able to talk to people in general. It's pathetic, I know. You're taking college courses, right? So do the teachers just lecture at you?

    You're right, Thanksgiving will keep you busy at your work. I'm trying to get a job before that time though. Hopefully. XD

    That's good that you're finding time to write though. Sometimes, my Lyme Disease makes it hard for me to do that. But, I try. Usually, if I have a new idea or something, I write it down on paper then when I feel alright, I'll write it out.
    Nope. Not much better. With school and work, I'm getting beaten horribly.

    I'm taking Biology (two classes; both beating my brains out), Weather (pretty interesting but I can't seem to stay awake), Photoshop (favorite class this semester), History of Sport (fun class, nice teacher, too much writing), and a Speech class (Saturday class; kills my sleep cycle, but not a real big deal especially after five years of school-required public speeches). However, my semester ends around December 12th although my speech class ends on the 22nd.

    But work is what's worrying me. With Thanksgiving coming, I'm about to go into peak, meaning twice the workload.

    Still, I'm finding time to write mostly because if I don't, I'm afraid my mind will cave in from all the new inspriation that seems to be punching me in the face daily.
    My writing is going alright. I'm being a little lazy though, too tired to write nowadays; but it's always on my mind. o_O

    School's getting annoying. I hate my teachers. They freakin' suck. I was so close to all As, but my dumb C++ teacher gave me a B all because of her stupid misunderstanding. She can't teach and I hate her grading system. It's killing my grade...Eyy.

    Lucky you, you're semester's almost over. Mine ends in January I think. *sigh* that's too long for me. So, what classes are you taking? Probably better than mine, lol.
    Not that far. Larxene hasn't found the rest of the remnants yet, but she will soon. So, how's everything with your writing going? I hope school isn't running you into the ground as much as mine is. Thankfully, my semester is almost over.
    lol, I forgot you? No...

    Alright, I'll get it to you soon. How far did you get into your story?
    Hey, Sora788 :]

    Long time no see. It's so nice to hear from you agina, and again I'm so glad you remembered me. Whenever you want to sent it is fine with me.
    Hey XD

    So, how's your writing going on?

    Tell me when you need that one-shot of Marluxia X Larx, alright? =p
    You were the first person to welcome me to the forums when you were BlueSky-X. You also helped me translate some quotes from KH Re:CoM.
    Thanks for sending me a friendship request :-D

    Are we aquainted with each other?
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