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  • Well because I caused somewhat of a disturbance, I'm at the bottom the racket. Not that I care :/

    I do so hope :/
    Not bad, I joined the Mog army, people call mine WTFMog, but I truly it think it rolls off the (Dirty) tougue quite nicely in comparison to what I came up with. I'm soon gonna (hopefully) begin my new life at the end of the month. Hopefully, it doesn't suck any worse the one I'm currently living l:/
    Well technically you're just waiting for Re:Coded, seeing as it comes out on the same day for both Jap and NA. (Re:Coded)
    Not bad, not bad at all :D

    For a long time you weren't on, and when you seemed to be on, I would be asleep making contact difficult :/
    Ya um, Dun'ich or something is the guy who posts them from KH13. He posted Days a few days before it came out, so the same thing could be for BBS. (Meaning it might be post around new years. "crosses fingers" Be so, be so, be so!)
    You a fan of japaneese playthrough's on you tube. Seeing as I've watched a few and I plan on doing the same with BBS.
    My friend that is why many people think Xehanort is heart made creation of Terra, like say maybe oh an Unversed. Anger and Hate are supreme~Xemnas. Yeah, seeing as his Heartless was able to hold on to his human form (or one similar) his Nobody: Xemnas held onto what he was made of: Terra's Rage for MX.
    Eh, not too bad. I finished my first part for the 2nd chapter of my story. So if you want check it out.
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