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  • you don't have to if you don't want. i just thought you might like to talk to someone who doesn't have an annoying american accent. :)
    Wow, someone who actually knows what Skype is. :/ Salutations. You should add me. My username is dusoleil. (with the dot at the end.)
    WOW! ive only played all the american versions of kh

    my favorite kh is the first one, but ive played 2, re chain of memories, and days of course, i own all those, but i gotta depart so see you later and nice talking to you ^^
    I see, well then. XD i will still try to stop asking so many questions im a very curious person! and anyone from anywhere foreign is SUPER COOL! but still. anyways. What is your favorite kh?
    I see your pic you look so interesting I would never htink you were japanese! But you look like someone who would like anime XD. Oh and thats cool where your from anyway. The thing is, i have 2 foreign exchange students at my school and i ask them those kinds of questions all the time, i think i might stop. I guess i would what you call a weaboo. Im sorry if im bothering you already. *sigh* There is one from korea and one from poland. But i like anyone whos from somewhere different and you should tell me if you like mai hime its really cool!
    Thats okay! Thats great that you like death note! L is my favorite character im so angry they killed him. I hate ight so much because of it. ANd bleach is good, but mai hime is a weird anime no one really knows it its not well known i like it though. And i will find your pic eventually. So how is it here in the usa? and how is it being a foreign exchange student? people ask you lots of questions dont they? like im doing right now sadly. Im sorry if im being rude
    Well we shall get along fine then XD I love kh. Digi Charat is pretty cool! Ive seen some episodes. They are so chibi! And elfen lied is a very intriguing show if not bloody. My favorites would prolly be death note, and maybe bleach, although i like TONS of anime. I also like mai hime that one is great! You said you posted a pic of yourself on your intro thread right? What page is it on im curious. And my pic of me is in my albums im retarded XD
    Well Im just great! So you are a foreign exchange student? That must be cool to be here in the usa seeing everything. I take it you like kh since you are on this site, and that must also mean you most likely like anime? Am I right? XD btw where are you from in japan? im in michigan in the usa
    You're welcome! You seem like a sweet guy so I thought I would add you. I like your eyebrow piercing, by the way. I have four lip piercings, one septum piercing and three ear piercings. I've had more than that in my life (six in my lip, 12 in my ears, one in my septum) but I like minimalism now. So, what nationality are your parents? Forgive my ignorance but you look Swedish.
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