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  • thats cool, this psp game you can't miss out on, its gonna be one of the best psp games of 2011, that and the 3rd birthday ^_^, your friend can really do that o_O, lol then i'm out of luck, i can't use ad hoc party on my psp T_T
    I don't think that made him weak as he was very strong during BBS.
    Sora will win, he is the kid who beat a load of major FF characters after all. XD
    Plus you play as Sora, so logic states that you will win. ;P
    Yes, but the X-blade kinda broke didn't it? Not to much use to us at the minute XD
    I'm sure it will make a return.
    I want Vanitas to return some how and then have a Sora vs Vanitas battle.
    Sora would so confused first meeting him.
    See Metal Chocobo is the greatest. XD
    Man that is a good looking Keyblade.
    Which reminds me what do think of Vanitas?
    Oh hi went to bed yesterday and I am so tired right now. >_<
    Eat snails?.... I thought they did that in France? not in England though.

    My favourite keyblades are Oblivion, because come on look at the design and the stats. My other one is Metal chocobo, I like this one because when I first played KH1 I played through the whole game up til the Riku battle in HB with the KK, XD because I didn't reliase that you could change keyblades, so I got stuck on Riku and after ages I found out that I could, I beat him so easily with Metal Chocobo. Thats why that keyblade has a special place in my heart. <3

    Man that was a long explanation XD
    How about you?
    lol just wanted to make sure you knew, made the same mistakes when i first joined khi lol ^_^

    hey are gonna get ff dissidia 012 when it comes out, so far it looks awesome
    lol nice to meet ya yoh, thanks for adding me dude ^_^

    also i think you might have accidentally posted to your yourself
    Whats the time over there right now?
    I live in London and its 4:55am.
    I am so gonna be tired tomorrow. XD
    Thank goodness its the weekend.
    So what are the rules and how do you play?
    Also if you don't mind me asking. where do you live?
    I'm curious about the time difference.
    He he thank you ^_^
    I just mess around with the models when I'm bored... now if I could only get Ven's Keyblade....
    Nope I have not...
    Click on view conversation and post next time ok ;p
    It will alert me to your response.
    Anyway yeah Sora is my favourite of all the characters, but Ven comes as a close second.
    Who is your least favourite?
    Why don't you join the Ventus fanclub? ^_^
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