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  • NAMIMOG!!!! *tackle-glomps* <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

    How goes it? o3o Only a few more days until TDKR!!! :D
    I have no idea what guests will be here this Oct xD

    My PSP is just...yeah. Who even owns a PsVita. I don't actually know anyone who owns or talks of it >__> lol good luck~
    This is why I'm replying this VM like 20 days late ;A;
    Oh joy! :3 Part of me just wants to skip the dull S2 episodes and only watch the required ones, and then move on to S3. ;w;

    I agree. That's a horrible decision. D:
    Nah, there's a reason I couldn't get through Tennant the first time around. xD And Ten/Rose is almost definitely why. Dx I look forward to Donna though. She looks like loads of fun~ :3

    Aww, you can't forgive me for it? ;W;
    Ah, I see. ;____; Not looking forward to that, then. *sigh* I thought at the time that I didn't like those episodes, so I probably won't if this is the case. I also recall not being overly fond of Rose in what I saw of S2, though I like her in S1 well enough.

    So is Series 3 onward where Tennant's tenure as the Doctor really takes off in terms of quality?

    Probably not going to see it in IMAX. I don't think there's any IMAX theater close enough to see it. :c
    Wonderful! :3 BTW, based off my memory of finding the quality of the first few David Tennant episodes to be a bit subpar, how long does Series Two take to get good? *_* Or will I enjoy them more now that I've watched Series One too?

    I still need to get advanced tickets as well! :O I definitely hope I can make it the midnight premiere for that film! :D The first time I ever did that was for The Dark Knight back in 2008! :D
    Um, I think it was the one where that farting Alien disguised as a British politician comes back. I need to finish up the first season soon~ xD
    :DDD <333333333333333

    Um, as far as the Ninth Doctor goes, I loved the one where he and Rose spend Christmas Eve with Charles Dickens! x3
    I saw~ x3 Thankiesssss~ :DDD I'll be sure to take those thoughts to heart. :3

    Also, I've been watching more Doctor Who lately! :D I'm almost done with the first season with the Ninth Doctor! :3
    Whoa, that's a long time. You should give it another go!

    Lol xD As long as you get other games eventually instead of leaving it to die. That's a shame...welp it's not everyday someone's bored of their 3DS so much that they'll borrow it to someone :eek: Right! Imma make a note to self.
    NOTE TO SELF: Actually answer all your VM messages on time.
    I see~ :) I hope you're doing well! x3 I can't wait to see what you think of my story!! :DD
    Ah, I see. D: *hug*

    Yay~ Hope you like it! If you'd like, I can show you a sneak peek of what I have written? :D
    Yush~ 8D NamiMog<33333333333333333333333333333333 *snuggles*

    It's a steampunk story! :D I'll PM you some of the details in a sec!
    ... Hmm, you ARE NamiMog, so I guess that's true~ <3

    Nice! :D I'm just goofing off (again) and on-and-off writing more of my original story. :) I've been putting in a lot more work into this one than previous stories I've thought about in the past. :DD
    OH GOD, BRAVE. HOW COULD I FORGET BRAVE?! *_* I want to see that so bad!!!!! And Snow White looks good too! :3
    Um, The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Hobbit Pt 1. :DDD You? o3o
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