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  • Hmm, guess I need to write and catch up on the essay conversations we used to have, hehe!

    Hello Youni. It's been quite awhile. :D
    I haven't yet managed to put it up, but I do hope to manage it this weekend. Preparing a chapter for FF.net is a bit more work than for the forums due to other formatting requirements.
    That reminds me I also hadn't time yet to answer the current reviews...<__<.

    But it's effective, we had some 30? C outside and I managed to keep it around 25? C in my flat by just shutting all windows and close the curtains while I was at work.
    Right now it's 236 trophies for PS3, 174 Bronze, 44 Silver, 15 Gold and 3 Platinum. ;)
    PS2 games were the ones who started this, yes, but it also depends on the developers and the type of games. Not yet with DDD, as I want to finish all business before I do that for a critical playthrough. Since DDD has only two save slots you need to be considerate with your playthroughs.
    Really, lol? The only ones I found to be somewhat funny where those of FF VII, as VIII and IX had already pretty professional ones. Yep, they were one of the famous selling point of FF back in the day besides the gameplay and storylines. Many people nowadays don't know it anymore since they started FF with FF X, but any FF before X had actually no voices...*ggg*.
    Nope, the trophies are strictly for bragging rights. And I think there is a ranking on PSN, but that's it.
    I had my fair share of challenging in FF XIII recently. I used to farm these big turtles for Items on Gran Pulse (Adamantoise and their two weaker siblings), yet after I finished all missions, these turtles were replaced with their stronger blueish cousins, the Long Gui and Shaolong Gui. These suckers know how to cast Ultima on your party, and unless you have three sentinels in the field you're dead when Ultima hits.
    Then there's of course the last mission target from mission 64, Vercingetorix, a flying pest who has whopping 15 million HP, can turn invincible for a certain period and heal himself for 99.999 HP up to eight times as well as spew out a fire tornado that's no less powerful than Ultima. <__<

    I doubt it, KH is one of those franchises where stuff is sometimes faster on the net than people liking to avoid spoilers can handle, lol.
    I am seeing a bunch of things. You can't fool me. Hmmmm, I don't trust it Youni~ It was meant to not be taken that way lol Wow, one whole year ago, probably a little over that too, right? Yeah its cool to just know more about people and how life is for them and stuff like that. That's a good mentality then, rock those colorful threads xD I hunt them by looking through newspapers and by asking town folk about certain abnormalities. Then i just go batshit crazy stake anything that sparkles. I started three days ago~ I can hate them completely. I know you're always there Youni and thanks. Yes unfit lol I MEANT HEAR MISS QUEEN OF TYPOS. THAT WAS MY TRIBUTE. *SPRAY PAINTS*


    idk yellow isn't my color ^^' definitely :3
    i am so lame =w = NOT WITH MY FACE

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, i do like chocolate. you drive a hard bargain
    I can see the urge to dip me in bleach within them. Friendship and innocence is in there too. It could be interpenetrated that way...... I guess. Yup yup yup. Yeah we did have a bunch of deep convos didn't we lol good times, good times. I don't have any more educated guesses that I feel confident in at the moment :3 Just cuz I haven't seen you doesnt mean that i don't know that you'd hurt my eyes. A lot of don'ts and stuff in that last sentence lol That's because I am proud of my vampire hunting duties and can share that info with the world~ they make excellent christmas dinners. Okay, I'm always here just shoot a guy a pm :p I was unfit to live in the same conversation. CANT HEART YOU OVER THE COLORS

    *looks out at the sunset with indifference*

    Yellow isn't my thing xD The colors I wear consist of my favorite colors over the last several years.
    I can't beat your failingggggggggg and you totally meant to hit me in the face

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, produce this chocolate you speak of
    I suppose so. And I don't believe you, I can clearly see the intent of you wanting to dip me in bleach in your eyes. They are as apparent as the nose on your face. I can chill with someone and talk about everything and nothing for hours at a time. I do that a lot with my more philosophical buddies. Spot on guess, Youni, spot on. You're not hurting my eyes :D Vampires tend to do that. That's why I hunt them. Dragons have done nothing for me except cause pain. Good, don't be lonely. Stressful? Why man? D: I'm all ears anytime all the time :) :3 yes it certainly was I suppose. *SPRAY PAINTS MORE* WHAT?

    *eyes dull more* still not watching it

    I don't wear a lot of yellow xD I wear more reds, blues, greens, blacks. I certainly think so~~
    your failing is soooooooooooooooooooo lame *is hit in the face with vid*

    *looks at youni suspiciously* hmmmmmmmmmmm, does the rabbit really deliver chocolate?
    That just means you are clean and do the right thing. There is nothing wrong with washing one's hands after being outside. dipping a friend in bleach and acid to disinfect them is another thing! I guess I have my funny moments~ Well guess away and I shall tell you how accurate you are. You don't always have to follow the crowd, just do whatever you feel you wanna do :) as long as no one is getting hurt in the process! Because said vampires don't care about a single thing at all, let alone how sacred sparkles are. Surprise blindness is surprisingly blinding! why would you do such a thing??? such a sadist xD well dragon meat coupled with the fact that you hate dragons makes it possible to acquire dragondy like feelings and senses. You've been lonely? Don't say that! Hang out with people, schedule a chill date or something. lol you just couldn't resist could ya? it's fine lil tintin its fine *shoots self* *SPRAY PAINTS* NOT INNOCENT

    *eyes dulled* still not watching it

    That too. *looks down at shirt and jeans* hmmmmm, I guess a little more color wouldn't hurt. Happy Youni's are cool
    Yes I can!

    hmmmmmmmmmmmm, nopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    I don't know~

    I object lol That's good~ Hmmmmm, you pretty much got most of it down. I don't know if I'm seen as the funny one though, I mean, i can make you bust a gut but i hang out with all sorts of comedians lol Pretty good guess. That's alright, it's understandable, especially if everyone around you is acting a certain way. It doesn't sparkle because certain vampires sparkle and there is nothing gracing about that. Surprise blindness! You're a sadist? pfff that's funny. i'm trying to imagine you frightening people lol It was totally dragon meat, it made me feel dragony. You guys will hang soon :3 lol (way better than smelling poop) Just goes to show that names don't always mean everything. My name is in a pm that i'll send with this vm 21 is not forever young. IT'S TOO LATE

    .......................................................i would mind quite a bit

    My cakes are always filled with dignity and honor. Yeah I guess. i brought it up because........i d'know. A happy Relix!
    I can do anything lamer than you xD

    I have other drawings that i never scanned or anything lol
    I've also been too busy to put up the next chapter on FF.net as well, so no worries here. ;)
    I've been told it's addicting, yep, especially after the release of the latest chapter. ^__^

    Either that, or they shut all windows and keep the flat dark to keep the heat out. :p
    Nonetheless, I got the last few trophies of Force Unleashed II yesterday. *ggg* You even get one for killing Han Solo and Chewbacca on Endor.
    That would require a new game+, something that some games have as well, then you can start from the beginning with the stuff you already earned in your first playthrough. KH DDD allows such a thing I know, and Crisis Core too.
    They aren't much longer than, say, FF X, the problem was that normal CDs do not have that much storage space and the FMVs (for which FF is famous) take up quite some space. That's why they used 3 or 4 disks.
    Yep, that's why they are called "trophies". I.e. in the new KH HD 1.5 you'll get a trophy for defeating Sephiroth. On PSN, each trophy is worth some points and can gain you a level up if you gain enough.
    I can't yet say anything about the bosses in XIII-2, so I'll refrain from making a comparison.

    I doubt that it will be long until the pages of the artbook are on the net, lol.
    You didn't have to~

    You're room is not admissible evidence. I didn't mean to make ya frown, Youni. Try to make a guess lol I wanna see what you'll come up with. I know people who dress quite colorfully and they're well into their 20s. I wouldn't say it sparkles but it lights up I suppose, but you're so busy being a ninja that everyone questions the sudden brightness. Creeper statussss xD try your best to be less stealthy! It was dragon meat yes. Chillin' and talkin' is cool~ I do! (Yeah definitely) i could have sworn I told you my name lol. but it just goes to show how long you can talk without having a name I'm forever young! ALONG WITH EVERY COLOR OF THE RAINBOW.

    not even, there's nothing wrong with.............one...............direction..................

    *places cake in front of youni* they're pretty decent. Up your game Google! I do know white and black contrast lol I'm incredibly happy! :)
    cool I'm lame

    you're the one who wanted to accept the challenge
    I'm not crazy okay..

    You have earned it. Yeah didn't mean to get all sad on you or anything, it just sorta happened. Yeah see? Not too hard to guess and I believe you xD you've tried toning it done? Less colors? Your presence always brings grace lol I doubt it. What do they say, tell me xD it was a sandwich filled with mystery. Mystery meat, mystery salad, mystery sauce/dressing, and mystery bread (I don't know, not upset tho) Glad you two met up! I'm sure you had a blast. HURRAY! You have no issue. You just?? Ya know?? (That's not so baddd) I bet what do you mean? My name? lol forever young, I miss those days~ about how dramatic you are? THERE AIN'T ANYTHING INNOCENT IM AFRAID

    you feel not my judge

    *finishes 8th cake* almost done. Me too xD google sheesh. Yeah iTunes Store all the way :)) *lying through his teeth* I never really can tell when colors contrast with the skin like most people, I guess because my color palet in clothing isn't so ranged. MY WEEK WAS TIRING BUT FILLED WITH THE LEGEND OF KORRA SO LIFE IS GOOD.
    lol am I not? Am I not VIP enough to do such things? xD

    Yeah maybe n the future I'll pick it back up...doubt it tho. Do you accept said challenge?
    They are totally dragons okay~ now you know...

    I suppose so miss cleanliness. Meh you're not missing out on too much, I mean, when you're too analytical you may end up seeing things you don't want to like a crumbling relationship, phony friendships, deteriorating families, sickness slowly griping a loved one...you know fun stuff like that. I mean you're bright, silly, talk about certain things and sing certain songs, your attire isn't exactly EASY to tell but educated guesses could be made. For all i know you could be tricking me into thinking you dress in all colors of the rainbow lol Come out of the shadows and grace us with your presence lol You're such a creep xD it was a mystery sandwich! (Don't be that way xD) I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure you guys still care deeply and will hang out soon. Hurray for Youni-Typossss. How does one look curvy at another? (You life smells? XD) lol that's pretty hilarious xD once a year! [suze=0]its completely alright, I've been asked all sorts of things in these sorta messages on khi, you get used to it xD[/size] BE YOUNG. I'm not as dramatic as you. And yeah I suppose lol BECAUSE I KNOW YOU PFFFF

    ................must not judge lol

    *bakes cake* yeah I assumed it just meant devious not flat out sinister lol . I will not openly admit to breaking the law xD Terrible color scheme indeeeeeeed. It'll look cool I bet, all white hair. It's possible! Yeah.....
    im my own brand of lame that passes the criteria lol

    Why thank you, Youni~*bows* but I don't draw much anymore, I still do some stuff but not much. You're not convincing me to get a DA xD
    Fluffy and nice to eat aren't reasons to leave this dragons. It came from the oppression that these dragons have caused.

    No, I do shower myself. But disinfecting me with chemicals and things will surely kill me. it didn't escalate enough 8D What's there to miss out on? Going incognito can have its perks, but its always cool to just come out of the shadows, pat someone on the back, hear them scream from the sudden surprise and laugh yourself silly :D...i just ate some weird sandwich so I am kinda on the luney-side. (you have never told me that before lol i could just tell) Why are you said when talking about chillin with friends. Haven't done it lately? No I wouldn't want you to look curvy ate me lol that doesn't even make any sense xD (smells? maybe. patheticness? not so much.) They just appeared relaxed. They were really scared, stressed, and nervous. How did your english class mess that up lol You get one of those jokes Youni~chan, only one xD oh damn is it that kinda information where the public eye must not know? lol i'm scared You are young so bask in your youth Youni~chan, bask it in. You're a teenager. I stormed off because I am not dramatic. okay okay you're not diabolical you're to sweet to be any of that lol A LIKELY STORY. YOU ARENT INNOCENT

    ok because you asked i shall not judge..............................................................................................................

    I shall help you heal the best I can, what shall I do. I like some adverbs. Very accurate and yes Youni~ quite diabolical. yes against the law, that would be breaking regulations and committing crimes. i dont commit crimes psssssh. Neon green and blue? woah. One white hair? Yes it is slowly changing. Slowly...slowly. Yesh my tooth aches as well lol the ones that don't get me into trouble? just straight cluelessness i suppose lol uhhhhhhhhhhhh no comment <__<
    you become the right amount of lame once you are the right level of random, silly, shameless, and watch highschool musical

    thanks a bunch Youni~ yeah it was my first time and it was for this kh thingy so that's why she sorta looks nomura-ish :3 hands are so evilllll because i'm not cool enough to have a deviant art.
    Like I said, the work on the chapters on FF.net works slowly, I just recently got the final revision of chapter 9 back from my Beta reader and I may set it up during this week.
    I don't put it all at once in order not to overwhelm readers. By posting one chapter every second week, I can also give readers a chance who aren't that fast to keep up with the narrative and write reviews/comments and/or questions.

    Yeah, depends of course also on what else might be to do on weekend.
    Well, in the older games you have to load your last save before the final boss and do things from there. In FF XIII for example, after defeating Orphanus, you get another Crystarium level and can restart the game from that point to do additional stuff.
    Disk Space may be one factor, as older Final Fantasies came in three-disc (FF VII) or four-disc(FF VIII and IX) packets, with each disc having a "final boss" so to say and after you beat that one, you get a cutscene furthering the story and then a screen where it says "Please enter disc 2/3/4".
    Another reason may also be replay-value though, to simply give the player more incentive to do more with the game after the story is finished.
    Nope, they only show you how good you are with PS3 games and I think there is also a ranking on PSN.
    No doubt to that, yet to practice you also need to invest time. ;)
    "Easier" in terms of how to equip your characters, as each role has their designated abilities, unlike say FF VII where your abilities are dictated by what Materia you equip (and in which combinations). The bosses can definitely be a big obstacle if you don't know what you're doing.
    How fast paced I can say it is that you need to keep an eye on your party status and being able to switch to a healing paradigm within a second with some opponents. ;P

    I placed an early pre-order for the limited edition, so I guess I'll get that art-book from Nomura. :D
    There is nothing to love about turkeys! They are nothing but dragons in disguise, claiming the lives of the mentally deprived

    It means kill in my book, you want me dead Youni! I appreciate your hand of support. Yes you are that easy to read, or perhaps i'm just a little too analytical lol No i definitely know what you mean, sometimes you gotta just disappear into the shadows not to be heard or seen or bothered (i kinda figured you where bright colors too, you don't seem like the one to wear dark colors like myself xD) I am sure you will be the best you you can possibly be. Determination is key, Youni~ Chillin' with friends is always nice B) Vertical pupils = boss at life. Why would you look straight at me lol (Your life has come to.......smells?) I suppose but damn that has got to be stressful as all hell for the teachers xD Student interview panel? Well we have those and we do have teacher evaluations but its usually after the semester lol *noooooo that joke...but i like the shades* I guess you'll just have to ask and i'll just see if i can answer lol I will forever call you young one Youni, FOREVER lol unless it bothers you, then I'll call you lady or something BD I'm not starting drama now! What are you talking about?! *storms off dramatically* Jeez, you're diabolical lol FALSE. YOU SAID YOU DRESS IN ALL SORTS OF COLORS

    what song is this?

    only you can restore your dignity Youni, restore it! Titans in general aren't anything but terrifyingly frustratingly helplessly frightening. Of course I dont know how to hack silly, that would be against ridiculous *shifty eyes* Lol this is also true, that can happen. You? Grow old? idk And yes, it is very kawaii. The ones that get you into trouble because of perviness lol
    if you're not lame you are NOT welcomed

    oh right the link, hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it is no laughing

    you can tell i don't like drawing hands becauseeeeee hers are hidden lol and she's the first girl i've drawn, i usually draw guys
    We were hiking down bear mountain and this thing legit flew out from behind some bushes like the dragon in disguise it is and slammed into a tree and disappeared without a trace, no lie.

    Don't worry I won't turn into a parasite so you can kill me lol Hands of support are always needed and appreciated :) well i suppose there are people who would prefer to blend in with the background but you don't give me too much of that vibe. you seem quiet/shy but you like to be noticed. (crazy how?) CONTINUE TO PUSH THE BOUNDARIES. I believe in you. I suppose roadtrips would be fun especially if you are going to beaches lol :) Nothing wrong with being a cow or goat, nothing wrong at all lol Stop pouting and make more typos :3 (woop for new tissue paper?) That's such a heartbreaking system though xD Like they go in hoping for the best or whatever?! *our flow is on a whole other level of flow* :3 why so suspicious? what you wanna know? *is prepared to laugh* You are still young, young one lol I don't start any drama at all pfffffffffffff Prove it then. LOL you find lethal ways to annoy your brothers :p YOU ARE NOT INNOCENT HERE

    but i'm not

    *pokes* stop pouting because I found you. Yeah being titan doesn't sound like it would be any fun, being anything that has to DO with titans wouldn't be much fun. They learn computer languages, research the most vulnerable attributes of things, and just learn things inside and out. Paint...is where every color magically goes with each other. It's okay, it's not that much of a big deal xD The opening theme for Hentai Prince is quite awkward but its hilariously awkward pffff The character is a cool guy and pretty funny too so I don't mind identifying with him in some aspects, its just that the other aspects are kinda... ugh xD

    8DDDDD *parties hard*

    Pssh, it was no problem at all. I enjoyed looking at some of your work :33 I used to do a bit of drawing myself, i got like a one or two pics floating around the internet but I stopped like during my later half of highschool because I was preoccupied with other things
    It didn't, it just slammed into the tree lol they are crazy and that makes them scarier....

    Don't disinfect me, I'm not gross :( You're very welcome Miss Youni~chan. I know you won't disappoint. And yeah I understand that, you do feel like you kinda blend into the background but you don't okay? You're Youni :) Don't let it get to you alright? WOOOP. Road trip. In America huh? Yeah there are pretty decent sites to see :) plenty actually lol grass isn't so bad! Don't! More typos pls! (Sniff harder lol) damn....that's terrible xD poor teachers lol the 2nd one huh? I feel sorry for teacher number 1 :) *the flow is where it's at* bunch of fun :3 what are you going on about? Alright I'll go ahead and read :)) You just doooooooooo lol I'm sure you're peaceful lol spare them. INNOCENTLY?

    why so sentimental?

    *searches for cloak and nabs* gotcha. No I'm not a titan D: Exactly :) Yeah I'm not much of a hacker myself lol Pfffffffffff Paint. It's pretty cool. How could you forget? *sadface* I suppose so lol I suppose
    of course it is cuz that's us 8D

    :3 no problem. It's your call
    I already typed up a reply but it got deleted somehow and now I'm sad.............

    Its okay Youni-chan its okay xD No I didn't see any bears. plenty of bugs.........and a wild turkey that scared the crap outta me lol

    It would definitely be bad :( I have confidence that you will do your best this year Youni~chan. I have confidence and I'm not worried. Some professors have issues remembering names but there are some who just dont put in the effort <______< I would still drive, ROAD TRIP. I can think of something! lol Your typos get even more hilarious Youni~chan, no matter how confusing lol (your mum needs to try harder ://) You know, this day in age, like, this generation of children and young minds. You had to judge teachers on how well they teach or something? xD *also goes with said flow* Yeah it should be a bunch of fun and shenanigans. It just does work, trust me. And I dont know if I wanna facepalm xD *shrugs* you do tooooooooo, peaceful, huh? Because its too cheesyyyy :/ Your poor bropis. YOU ASKED FOR IT.

    an old man?

    *Jumps* What the-?! Where are you?! I am completely human, nothing suspicious about this human. Yeah definitely, firsthand, but its made me stronger i'd like to believe. Hey you learn really crazy things when you're left alone with a computer lol That's not cool :( Sorry. Dat Hentai Prince lol It gets pretty sentimental as the episodes go on and I'm not sure if that takes away its charm but its pretty decent, did you get a chance to check out the other one? Do I identify with him? Maybe I guess, and that's the clearest answer you're gonna get outta me LOL
    Yeah sometimes it can, especially with a bunch of lame peeps like us xD

    No not at all, it doesn't look stupid to me. I mean if you're proud of your work I say go for it
    *re-reads over and over*.........what are you asking me Youni? The adventure was pretty action-packed. many wild things and campfires and hiking and bugs...lots and lots of bugs.

    Yes. Slimming, not parasites D: I expect you to work harder Youni~chan, brilliance must not go wasted. Your bio teacher is some sort of supervillian or something because that was just plain evil lol i sure as hell hope that the trip is worth all the money they are asking you for, hell, knowing me I would have driven/flown out there on my own and been like "i'll meet you there" if that was a cheaper alternative. I don't think that you can legally obtain cyclohexane if its semll is really that horrid. Typos are always funny xDD (Well you need to get rid of them things). I suppose so, but it also depends on the class and the day in age and my energy and first impression and being a teacher is not as easy or straightforward as it sounds surprisingly~ Well try harder, go with the flow B) Alright sounds good to me lol I am not a workaholic, I just sometimes think that doing something at a certain time might be interesting than doing that same something at another time, it all depends on my interest I supposeeeee. Heck yeah they bring back good times, we had all sorts of fun, part of me wants to go back from the very beginning and just read like its some sort of book :) You start drama all the timeeeee lol Cheesy films...are okay some of the time. Bropi??? xD THE CAKE...WAS MADE WITH SALT INSTEAD OF SUGARRR

    who said life was fair

    *keeps searching* Oiiiiiii~ I have no magical powers. People are complete arses. Being left alone with a computer can lead to some really interesting outcomes and information. she learned how to pretty much hack and operate her entire school system technology wise. What? You've been left alone with your computer for some time?~ You watched them? Which one did you watch? :D And how much do I relate to the main character? I hope you don't mean hentai prince xD cuz then i'd be afraid to answer
    Lol but that's our thing isn't it? we're lame like that lol :)

    *looks at picture. tilts head to one side...tilts it to the other* hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I like it. The outfit is fitting for him.
    Yay, and yep, there won't be a different possibility than to get on the thread for the later chapters I fear. ^__^
    Up to now all-in-all around 50, although the thread goes only up to 43 right now.
    If one wants to re-read the whole story then of course reviews and speculations can contain spoilers...

    Not during a work-packed week at least. During weekend you can afford some time figuring things out.
    Yeah, because of that train of thought that the game is over after the story is finished, there is this concern that you cannot do it "all after". But of course, most modern games allow you to resume playing after having finished the story. No, I meant that the game allows you to do things after the story has already finished like replaying levels or tackle bonus stages etc. In older games, once you finish the final level/final boss you get to see the credits and then it's the end, you cannot go and tackle extra challenges after it because the game is finished. Like i.e. in Final Fantasy VII you cannot go and do more Chocobo Racing once you have reached the final battle with Sephiroth. After that battle, the game will end without letting you back to the world map to do more side quests/challenges.
    Red bricks are sort of "in-game"-cheats or benefits. Like one brick that quadruples the value of each lego-stud you collect, for example, a silver lego-stud is normally worth 10 points, but with the appropriate red brick activated it is worth 40 points per piece.
    I'm really only sort of mediocre with Tekken and always have been, lol.
    In terms of battlesystem XIII is actually one of the more easier ones, although you do need some quick thinking skills because it's very fast-paced.

    I've already pre-ordered my copy, yup yup.
    Thanks, I really enjoyed myself and went camping so sorry if this reply is pretty late *bows*

    ...That was uncalled for D: oh okay so you needed time ti kick it into gear and everything. It's the truth lol and aw poor students xD you get to go on a trip? Where to lol well when you make the tragic tale sound dramatically interesting how can I refuse? (That's...........terrible) Pffff typos are fun, for me anyway lol If they're older or younger, laid back or uptight, etc. You do worry to much young one~ 8pm? That's not too bad not bad at all, I'm doing something every minute so it kinda depends on that day. Of course I'd miss them silly xD Yes, I set rules! I just don't like the unnecessary levels of drama lol and cheese...is...okay. Lol Pappi~ WHATTTT NOOOO

    Yeah pretty good

    *searches for Youni* Oiiiiii~ I guess you're right. I completely understand. OH YEAH. yeah I don't know why she was so mistreated. She is cute :) Hmmm, that's an interesting theory, I suppose that would have explained how great she was at technology but I guess now it's just because she's secluded and alone with her computer. Please do :)
    I guess xD I don't know how that would have changed the outcome lol I shall not ruin my eyes

    No need for sorries lol Try your best :) lets see this prince outfit
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