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  • Perhaps, maybe we will :]

    Really? When did that happen?

    Oh, so you like alt rock.
    I listen to everything, literally. From lady gaga to taylor swift, lil wayne, paramore, incubus, maroon5, carrie underwood, shania twain, thievery corporation, ladyhawke, sneaky sound system, little boots, yeah yeah yeahs, nirvana, silversun pickups, lifehouse, goo goo dolls, guns n roses, death cab for cutie, a fine frenzy, feist, sarah bareilles, norah jones, jay Z, beyonce, coldplay, daughtry, david guetta, imogen heap, kings of leon, la roux... Ectectect

    Pretty much anything lol.

    So, how was your day today?
    Oh hey whats up? I've seen ya around all over the forums and was like...hmmm to talk to him or not..SO yeah. Hi =)
    Its your average surburban town. I guess the beauty of it is that its a VERY small city. Literally, 8 main street lights vertically, 7 main street lights horizantly. But its cool cause its right in the middle of all the busy areas.

    I went there 2 yrs ago for two days/ one night. I was on my way to B.C. To go visit one of my aunts. I flew to seattle, then took the amtrak to canada. Stayed at an hotel when I was there, I remember just walking around the city for a bit, went for a coffee and thought to myself; and I'm like, "wow... Seems like my type of city." I wasn't only amazed by the beauty, it was a busy yet calm city. And immediately fell in love. I hope to live there one day. That's why I'm going this dec for 2weeks to see how it is. :)

    snow? I never get to see it here :(

    And yes, back to an earlier post. I got moved cause too much partying affected my grades. Idk what you be doing, but when you go back to main hs. Make it an effort to not return to alt school. Just do your own thing, but don't get into any trouble lol.

    What kind of music do you listen to, btw?
    In the beautiful city of lakewood, california. Next to long beach.

    Omg, it seems like everyone I talked to online lives in seattle. There's quiet a few people here that live in washington.

    Been there before, going again this december. That place is beautiful! Is it snowing up there?
    I attend Long Beach City College.
    Its pretty much like that in every college.

    Well hey, that's cool. Good luck with going back :)

    I did perfect my 9/10th grade year. (4.0 gpa) but my junior year, I started partying and lost track of school. My counselour thought it would be best to put me there so I could catch up.

    I'm curious, where do you live in?
    Seth rogen, ever watched pineapple express and knocked up? Awesome movies.

    Noooo... I'm in college, you know; you get to pick your own schedule and all? lol.

    But I did graduate from an alternative high school though. It wasn't bad, kinda missed the ambience of the big high school. But hey, I graduated 4 months earlier than the rest of my class. So it was alright :)

    Whyd you get sent to one?
    I just don't go to sleep early. :/

    Considering I only go to school twice a week, and I work only the weekends. I sleep whenever I like.

    Weekday nights I usually end up spending it with the friends till late night and all. And I sleep in the next day lol.

    What movie you watching?
    And I read you're 16; don't you have school tomorrow? Lol
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