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  • HELLO!! ^^ welcome! XD nice to see someone take an interest in the rp! ^^ and kikili (who u just fired at.. XD) is playing the fence right now.. XD and if you ever need help becoming a better roleplayer, XD (just in case..XD) come to this website, join up and the teachers there will be glad to help! ^^ i should know.. XD i'm one of them.. XD

    Click here for the site! AND WELCOME ONCE MORE!! XD
    NP man I understand completely,it's really hard getting into an RP when it's in the middle of it xD But hey,I hope C_C will be able to notice you and the others so you can interact with others. Also,dont forget to post for Rotom ok? And I totally like the way he looks when you described him afterwards.

    And yea...must've been really bored to ramble like that xD Yes I shall see you in the RP ENJOY!

    -DL(A.K.A. Jolteon)
    Yeah, I apologize but I must be going now. It's good to know we have devoted people around.
    Well I'm glad we have such a fan and that, and that writing so much has gone to such good use. However, the April 30th thing is just something that hasn't been edited in a while, and was in reference to the past April 30th, and the RP is in full swing. You have our apologies, and the "middle ones", as they were, were meant to be simple fanfics to tie the RPs together.

    But there's always http://forums.khinsider.com/fanclubs/113958-organization-xv-rp-fanclub.html if you're that dedicated, and you're welcomed to join.
    Well Hello there! I see you're new to KHI! Welcome. Well I am the Master of the Pokemon DNA RP. And I approved your Template,so welcome to the RP as well ^^

    Ok a few announcements,The main lab is located in Hoenn on top of that cave inbetween Rustburo and Vandentuf city/town. That's were you can start off at,or anywhere else in Hoenn. All I ask is that you interact with some other characters soon so you won't get bored.

    Also there is a link on the very first page of the OOC thread. In my post on that page there is a link that'll take you to Pokearth. That's a map of all the regions,so use it if you need to know the where abouts of cities,towns,ETC.

    Lastly,Respect everyone in the OOC. If there are and problems or suggestions you'd like to share,contact me and I'll talk with you. Well then,I hope you enjoy your time in the RP and I'll see you soon ^^
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