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  • Hi!! ^___^

    How are you, zexyishsmexy? o_O

    Know that I only put that because it is your username and I don't really believe that, okay? I am straight. xP
    Wow; how is that even possible... and why?... O_O"

    xD Well, I go to college today... ^___^

    There's a concert being held there that I'm wanting to go see; it's Echoing Angels, Britt Nicole, and Building 429... ^___^

    They're all Christian bands. ^___^"

    Have you been busy lately? o_O
    sorry for not talking to you. i just beat kingdom hearts II. I was only level 47. Do you have any clue how to exit out of the battle record? If so please tell me.
    hahah thanks so much!!! i dont really care about rep lol but its nice that you thought to do it! Ur the best!
    Yeah, I know... I love how on Days, Xigbar sees a glimpse of VENTUS... O_O

    I said "Oh my gosh!..." or "Wow!" or something like that... but I was baffled... ^___^

    So, maybe Ven and Roxas ARE connected... o_O

    So, does your profile pic pretty much mean that you are a Vexen fangirl most of all then?... o_O"

    I was just wondering; ish sexy!... xP
    here's one of my pics, it's my first and only one so far. I had my sister help me with it. It's not that great, the only thing in there that was drawn in there by me was the kitsune. the other ones are Mort, from Penguins of Madagascar, my mom, and my cat, Abigail.
    yeah, I just finished a drawing of mine, but my mom hasn't set up the scanner yet. So, I can't put it online yet. The drawing is a picture of a boy named Xiolio. He is Organization's Number XV. He can wield two weapons, one called the Strikers and the other called the Triton Keyblade. I only have him wielding the Triton Keyblade. I draw my pictures small.
    Really? O_O

    I forgot that Axel-kun did that... ^___^"

    Anyway, it's a funny nickname, but at the same time, it's awesome and gives Zexion a more unique flare to his character... ^___^"

    The Org. XIII characters are so cool (except Xion... xD) and I am looking forward to finding out Braig's significance in BbS, you know? ^___^
    Dr tran has a Phd in KICKING YOUR ASS.

    Watch him kill his own mother with a BROKEN LAWN CHAIR!
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