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  • okay. here's my fanfic. Tell me what you think when you're down reading it. I want to post it on DA. Do you know anyone that might know?


    Axel turned to the old hag as she stepped onto a step ladder to pour something into her huge cauldron. "Do you think you can help me get a friend back?" asked the redheaded adult.

    The old hag turned from around the cauldron to get another thing to dump into the large empty pot. "Yes, of course I can. I am the Great Madam Mim after all. I can do anything twice as great as that Merlin. hehehe."

    Axel stopped the hag as she was about to pour something into the cauldron. "My friend's name is Roxas. "Well, that is kind of a tricky isn't it? But, do not fear I have the perfect potion to separate your friend from that boy." said Madame Mim proudly as she dumped a thing into the cauldron.

    "You can, how?!" asked the redhead with surprise.

    "Just go over into the cabinets next to my steering stick. There should be a container full of potions, but only one with the black liquid should be the one. Give that to the someone he fused with. It would transform that someone into your friend, but slowly. Once dawn has hit the someone will cease to exist and turn into a shadow of his former self. Be careful, because that's stuff is very expensive and rare to find around here." answered Madam Mim as she went to the cabinets and searched for the container..

    "What is this?" asked Axel as he discovered the bottle from the container.

    His train of thought was immediately disrupted by "I wonder what's up." sentence that came out of nowhere. Axel lifted his head and saw the Keyblade Master and his two sidekicks headed towards him. "Uh-oh." whispered Axel. "I can't let them see me." He ran behind a house as he watched the three stopped.

    The sound of three Soldier Heartless appeared. They ran out the front door and vanished into darkness. Sora, Donald, and Goofy ran into the house that Axel stood behind. Axel hired two dusks to keep an eye on Sora as he saw a shop nearby. He left the two Dusks to watch over the house, while he was away.

    Axel stepped toward a small shop. A middle-aged woman with short, curly, orange hair wearing a short apron over her long orange dress and a small boy with curly orange hair, they seemed to be working at the shop. The cloaked man approached the shop. He asked the middle-aged woman, "Ma'am, how much is that food coloring on the top shelf?"

    The woman stared at the cloak figure. She turned to the highest shelf and then turned back to the man. "It's 180 munny." answered the woman.

    "All right, that sounds reasonable." exclaimed Axel pulling out the munny from his pocket and onto the counter. The woman told her son to get the food coloring. He handed it down to her from the ladder and she placed it in front of Axel.
    The redhead grabbed the food coloring and walked back to the house. Axel opened the cap from the bottle. He placed a tiny bit of the green coloring into the bottle and rocked around a bit. The black liquid turned into a sports green. "Man, it's still not good enough." said the redhead.

    Two of the dusks slithered over to Axel. "Sir, Sora has returned from the book." said the first Dusk.

    "What's he doing now?" asked Axel.

    The second dusk answered, "He and his companions are battling Heartless right now."

    "We'll just watch for now." exclaimed Axel.

    The two dusks and Axel peeked out to watch Sora fight the Heartless. Axel poured the entire food coloring into the bottle. He looked at the bottle and it was completely green like a normal potion was. Axel threw the potion in between Sora and his companions as they finished their last heartless.

    Sora stretched as he found the potion on the ground. "I'm exhausted." said Sora as he loosened the cap and drank all of the liquid. Axel smirked as he watched Sora drink the liquid. "I shouldn't be long now, Roxas." whispered the redhead.

    Donald and Goofy saw something change in Sora's features. He had a blonde piece of hair sticking out the back of hair. Axel smirked as he opened a Dark Corridor. "It shouldn't be long now." said the redhead to himself.

    From every world Sora went to some memory always came into his head. He had memories of a blonde haired teen walking around Twilight Town with three friends, one chubby brunette, a brunette girl, and a blonde boy with brown eyes wearing camouflage.

    "It's no use."

    "Don't stop moving or the darkness will over take you."

    "Get going!"


    "Don't ask just do it!"

    "Are you okay?!"

    "I kidnapped Kairi, but she got away from me. After that, Saix caught her. He's a member of Organization XIII. Saix, got it memorized?!"

    A dusk appeared out of nowhere and Sora slashed the Dusk into nothingness with his Keyblade. Axel got up and the two battled the huge crowd of Dusks.

    "I think I liked it better when they were on my side."

    "Feelin' a little regret?"

    "Nah, I can handle these punks. Huh, watch this?"

    Just as Axel was about to jump in the middle of the crowd of Dusks. He felt cold, clammy hand grab him by the hem of his cloak. Axel turned around to see Sora let go of his hand from the leather. Sora sighed, "Don't do this!"

    Axel tilted his head. "Huh, what are you...?" asked Axel as he stared at the Keyblade Master with a questioning look. Sora didn't answer just ran into the crowd of Dusks. The Dusks danced around the fifteen-year-old.

    Axel ran to the boy. He had no idea what was going on, but he knew he had to save Sora. The Dusks restrained Axel by his arms and made him incapable of calling his chakrams. He watched as the Dusks jumped onto Sora. The boy vanished under the huge silver pile.

    An explosion of black energy burst from the pile and Dusks slithered off. There slept a blonde haired boy wearing a black coat. Axel heated up his arms and blew up the Dusks that confined him. He ran over to what-used-to-be Sora. Axel scooped up the boy in his arms and ran to a nearby opening.

    Donald and Goofy looked around at the Dusks. They were outnumbered and outmatched. Axel turned his head back towards the two former companions of Sora and looked at the boy in his hands. Something in Axel made him rush into the battlefield and save his friend. He ran through the opening and the portal closed as Donald and Goofy watched helplessly as the two Nobodies disappeared.

    Axel was desperate. He didn't no what world he and Roxas would wind up at, but he hoped that it wouldn't The World That Never Was. Axel wasn't even sure that the boy in his hands was even Roxas or just Sora in Roxas' body. He wouldn't know until the kid woke up. "I should have never trusted that witch." admitted Axel as tears formed in his green eyes.

    Rain poured down on the two of them. It soaked both Nobodies from head-to-toe. The rain covered the tears. Axel saw shelter in a nearby abandoned house. The world that they were in wasn't The World That Never Was thankfully, but he couldn't help that feel that he left something behind.

    Axel placed the boy onto the bench. The boy slept and a smile formed as he slept. "All the trouble that I've gone through I did for you. I just hope that when you wake up that you remember me." said Axel as he watched the fifteen-year-old sleep.
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