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  • I'm doing okay. I just hope my friend, Endrance comes on here sometime. I don't get to talk to her on the other forum, because of the stupid login.
    Cool, I'm going to an amusement park in a couple of hours. But, you can view my fanfic. Just look for Sora's Goody in the Creative Writing section.
    I HATED him in KH2! I needed Mickeys help about 5 times. Aha. But, I'm going to sleep. Ttyl. :D
    I hate hard battles. But I don't like very easy ones either. :b Today, I don't even know what its called, but the gargoyle rock thing with the wings that you fight in End of the World took me less than 5 min to beat and I used heal once. Which kind of freaked me out because last year when I was playing this it took me over at least 10 times to beat. :L
    No, not haha. It was horrible. And, I kind of got the gist of it from reading some of the posts on the "Saddest Ending" thread. But, its okay. I'm actually really sad just thinking about how it ends, and I haven't even seen it.
    I never got to see the end of Days. >.< I got to a dragon thing. I don't remember its name. And I stopped playing for a couple days because I couldn't beat it and I was getting extremely mad. So, my niece thought I was done with it, so she started a new game, and deleted mine. So, I'm just playing all the games again so I can get a recap, then play that one again. Phew, that was alot of writing. Sorta. :D
    Hahah. :D They're you calling, its just kinda embarrassing to admit. And, I know. It always gets me when Riku says "Take care of her" or, when Kairi starts crying when she sees the drawing in the Secret Place. :'(
    Or maybe, a sexy horse? But, he's also a mermaid, so, it kind of all adds up. And, I just beat it. :)
    Hahah. I heal constantly so I'm okay. :) And, yeah this part is easy. He reminds me of a mermaid/horse. :D
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