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  • I don't even remember how I noticed it, I wasn't even online when I figured it out. I'm wierd like that XD
    Hi, don't know if you remember me from the forums or not, but guess what? I just figured out today that your name is godzilla with the god at the end. Just thought I'd let you know how slow I am...lol.
    Honestly nothing, I just wanted to see how many newbs I could annoy in a night. It was fun.
    I thank god she was remotely bearable and with some personality in the first KH game. She was a brat and more than a bit bitchy towards Riku (read my essay, didn'tcha? :D) but at least she reacted and did stuff other than go "Meh @ Riku, OMG SORA LOVE LOVE LOVE ROMANCE I LOVE YOU WE'LL BE TOGETHER FOREVER AND EVER *ignores a blonde, mysterious girl saving her and then disappearing into her and Riku being the pedo that kidnapped her*
    That is how awesome Kairi should've been - had she not been Kairi, in a sense :[ I wonder how much thought they put into her initial character beyond "WE NEED A GIRL" and "SHE NEEDS TO BE A PRINCESS IN SOME WAY" and "OH GAWD SORA AND RIKU ARE GAY DISNEY'LL KILL US!" which brings us back to the first part in caps.
    Aqua <3 it's sad how from the KH2:FM+ secret ending alone she's done more than most characters, and is a better character than most just from what we saw in the trailers.
    I mean, she goes one on one with Maleficent. Respect \m/
    I doubt he learned his lesson in that sense. By KH2, we already had Namine, and we were introduced Olette, but that didn't stop Kairi from crushing and burning worst in KH2 (And CoM in a sense) than she did in KH1. It's her problem alone, not in the series, which is why I say Disney's to blame - had it not been for them, they could've either done something useful with Kairi from the get go, or hopefully wouldn't have felt such a need to throw her in as Sora and Riku's failing yaoi shield.
    No, seriously. Read it and PM me or something. I'm interested in your opinion about it :D
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