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A wild KH fan appeared! encounters with strangers thread



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May 14, 2017
East Coast, USA

As KH grows to be a notable entity within the cultural gaming sphere, more people have joined the long convoluted bandwagon that we know and love. And that in turn leads to a lot more people being willing to openly discuss their attachment to it, even to random people they meet in public. This thread is here to document that, if you're willing to post that is. It could be a brief conversation you had with an employee at a store or a random passerby on the street, so long as KH was mentioned it's thread worthy.

I'll start:
Back before COVID shut down the planet, on June 21, 2019 Toy Story 4 was released to theaters. And with it being close to my birthday, I elected to go see it with my mother and sister in tow to the nearby theater. My sister chose to wear a KH III shirt that depicts the art that you commonly see on the box and when you load up the game (with Sora and the guardians of light overlooking a city) and while we went to the concession stand as it would turn out was a KH fan. He asked us what we thought of 3, and I gave my honest, non spoiler free version of it as he hadn't played it (I said "It's a beautiful game, but they should've let us have another world like Radiant Garden instead of delegating it to cutscenes"). We talked for a bit and he asked what movie we were going to see. When we mentioned what it was he said something to the effect of "oh, how appropriate! do you know that the KH game designers worked closely with Pixar to get Andy's room right, down to the smallest detail?" which I knew, but my sister didnt. We didn't get anything free from the exchange save for the experience, but it was a nice encounter with someone who we would never have known loved the series as much as us if my sister didn't wear that shirt.