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Cursed Blood (Open Battle)

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Apr 6, 2005
[/CENTER]Okay, I have been gone for quite some time now and I wanted to get back in the game. As the title says this is a open battle to anyone of any skill level, I just require that you know the rules. Anyway, I will be using a character that is part of a set, whom is based on the wonderland character Mock Turtle. Odd I know but it is simply based off of it and is quite original, if I do say so myself. I will accept anyone, and as many people as possible, I honestly do not care.

Marcus Totiah

Mock Turtle

The child has a curse that was put on him centuries ago which gives him eternal life, but he appears to be about twenty years of normal human age.

Marcus is usually a very astute gentleman, with an honor code all his own. He respects his opponent, except for his bit of witty humor, and will never back out of a fight. During his fights he is very cold and calculating, always thinking of a faster way to finish his enemy in one foul swoop. Even with these attribute though, his honor code stops him from doing attacks he would see as “cowardly”, no matter how his opponent is fighting, his resolve is adamant and he will not divulge from his pride.

Bishop of Naught-
This weapon is a expertly crafted Rapier that has defended many a king and politician from wrath of assassin and armies alike. It’s handle is made out of the most precious and durable black diamond that the world has to offer. It is completely indestructible and cannot be broken or bent by any human means, as is the case with the blade. This weapon is also highly durable to elemental attacks, being able to absorb, or cut into pieces, any energy that is sent it’s way.

Life Energy:
This is the energy that makes up everything that is around us. The rocks, the trees, the water, the animal, and even we humans are consisted of this energy. Marcus has the ability to manipulate this entity to do whatever he whishes, be it to heal himself, or obliterate his enemy.

Battle Aura Level 1:
In this form of the battle aura, Marcus transfers most of the life energy around him into his legs. This makes Marcus exponentially faster, and his kicks also get an added boost of power. This also improves his dodging ability, and also the ability to jump thousand of feet into the air.

Battle Aura Level 2:
In this form of the battle aura, Marcus concentrates more then seventy percent of the life energy around him to increase the density of every single one of his muscles, making his strength increase to ridiculous heights. This also increases Marcus’ speed even more so then before, thus making him more agile.

Battle Aura Level 3:
In this final form of the battle aura, Marcus absorbs all of the life energy with a hundred yard radius, squeezing the life out of any living thing within that area. Trees, grass, plants, animals, sunlight, and even humans are relinquished of all of their energy, making them non-existent within the space when this battle aura is activated. After this small task is done, every molecule of Marcus’ body are super power, giving him the ability of flight. This also increases Marcus’ strength and speed to the point that he could be called a god. The only side-effect is that he can only stay in his form for ten minutes before the beast inside him takes control, and all hell breaks loose.


Human Form: Click Here

As it has already been said, Marcus is a gentleman, and that virtue comes through in his appearance as well. He has a perfect skin complexion, and at all times he wears a dark green suit, as well as amour underneath the suit that is concentrated on the back and neck. Also in this form his skin is as hard as rock, making it difficult to pierce his beautiful physique. He also uses his ability to manipulate life energy in his human form, mostly as a weapon. He can throw it like knives, create a new sword, repair his sword if it gets damaged, and he can also heal himself with the energy. Finally he can transfer this energy to his sword, making it so that it can pierce anything.

Beast Form: Click Here
This is the side effect of the age-old curse that was put on Marcus, which is unleashed either by his free will, when he is in danger, or in the night. In this form, the tortoise-like shell of amour, that his people are known for, attaches to his skin and becomes the artificial shell of the beast, unbreakable by any substance known to man. His skin also gets harder, thus more durable to attack elemental or physical. His two horns, which now jut out of Marcus’ forehead, are collectors of the life force, or energy, around him. Using this knowledge, Marcus can shoot this life energy out of his mouth, use it to charge his horns and make them able to pierce through or cut anything, or the protect himself further by making a dome of this energy. In this form he can also absorb any type of elemental energy sent his way. His teeth are also as hard as steel, making his bite extremely deadly, and his saliva is actually a highly potent acid that will burn through even the thickest amour. Other then all of this, Marcus can use the life energy though his claws or feet, as to increase his muscles or speed.


Marcus was born to a family of renowned blacksmiths, most famous for creating a tortoise shell type of armor that was almost impenetrable to any blade. Alas, it was expensive to make their signature armor, and not many people with he money feared for their lives enough to purchase their specialized armor, they would rather buy a more standard edition. So, in sort, the family of five lived a very content life, barely scraping by so to speak. This is the life that Marcus knew, a content life, a simple life, and for this he hated his parents every moment that he existed. They seemed so happy with their lifestyle, proud even. To Marcus, even as a young child, it was enraging how they could live sohappily on such a small budget. They needed a way to get more money fast, a demand for the overpriced product that they sold, but how? Marcus was perplexed as he played around with his sword throwing it up in the air and catching it as it came crashing down. It was Christmas on that day in the manger, and marcus was freezing like always, so he hid under the hay for warmth. As he laid under the hay he saw some men stride in on horses, twas the same man that had called Marcus a peasant and refused to buy his parents special armor, being an example for everyone else and thus making a whole new decline in their lives, but mostly for marcus. He was forced to wear rags, eat out of garbage cans, and occasionally beat other,more fortunate, children up for their money. Seeing this man made the boy of 11 years go crazy, all of the horrible memories came back, and he snapped. He had finally found a fun and efficient way to create a high demand for the armor that his mother and father produced, he would make them fear for their pathetic lives, and before this fear overtook them completely, he would kill them. That way people would be more fearful, as they should be, and they would flock to these people that made an infallible type of armor, not caring for the price, and he would live like he deserved to. As he made this thought, the guards of the Duke went to get a pint at the bar, so Marcus napped back to his grimy reality, jumped out of the hay, and slaughtered the Duke unmercifully.

News of the so-called, planned assassination spread quickly, and as he had envisioned it, the general populace was gripped with fear. So much so that the new elected Duke bought the specialized armor for not only himself, but his bodyguards as well, what a weak man to fear so much a child. Marcus could then afford to wear real cloths, but it was not enough, he had acquired a blood lust when in that manger, and it could not be satisfied without more bodies. The body count was starting to add up, first it was just elected officials and common folk, but then it escalated to kings and queens, entire royal families, and even renowned soldiers. Suddenly Marcus could afford to live the life that he had always dreamed of, and for a boy of 17 years what more could he ask for. A mansion in which to live, suits of which to wear, servants of which served, horse of which to ride, and the woman loved him. Even with all this though it was not enough, he had to kill his young and healthy parents before they squandered the money of his inheritance away. The only problem as that he was unaware of how to make the pristine armor, and this fact always lingered in his mind and made his blood boil, it was the only reason that they were presently alive. So one night, when creating a special armor for the king of Britannia, he slowly opened the door ever so slightly, so that he may take a peak at how the armor was made. It was simple enough, indeed a childishly simple formula, so after they were done he barged into the room and beheaded them both with a grand axe, completely filled with rage at them.

So he went on making the armor, as well as the demand of it, for quite some time. He would kill his prey with precision, and not a regret was in the young mans mind. Women, children, they were no different to him, all that could not defend themselves deserved to die, and painfully at that. This was the mindset of Marcus for three years of human life, that is until he met "her". He can not remember her name anymore, but she was quite beautiful by human standards, and like he was, she was also persecuted by society , although he would not learn why until the end, until it was too late. Nonetheless, he loved her with all the fragments of his heart that he had left, and would go to the ends of the heart for this girl, but ohh what was her name. Marcus still drew a blank, but it did not matter, not tonight.
Tonight would be the Mascaraed ball, hosted by the Mayor of the city, and marcus was invited to come join in the festivities, and so he planned to assassinate the mayor. The killing was no longer for money, he had quite enough of that with almost every army in the world wearing his armor, it was for the pure thrill. So Marcus took the women that he loved to the ball, and offered to dance. She happily accepted as Marcus danced into a crowd of people, and handed her off to another man without her knowledge, and went off to kill the Mayor, who sat in his box seat above the ball room. Ten minutes later, Marcus barged through the doors to this very box seat and pounced onto the mayor and started o strangle him. But the man was persistent, started to struggle, and broke off Marcus' mask to reveal the smiling face of a psychopath. To this he panicked, punched the boy in the face, he got up from the position, and yelled for help at the people. Then Marcus stood up in utter rage, how dare he scream for help, so with this rage he took out his rapier, stabbed him in the heart, and pushed him off the ledge, laughing as he did it.
Everyone saw who had done this hyaenas act, most of all the chief of police for the area. Imagine if you will, a calm and sophisticated crowd creating torches and obtaining weapons as to kill a single man who had fleeced them of every dollar, for fear of him, and whom began to throw torches at him as to burn him alive. Marcus ran, he ran as fast as he could out of that ball room, he ran faster then any man had ran before. All in vein though, I do dare to say. You see, all of the police in town were waiting for him, waiting to put him into the fire that they had created. When he saw the mass of them, he fought back for as long as he cold without a weapon, but soon they would amputate his arms and legs and he would be thrown into the fire to die. Even after his insanity was gone, it was present long enough to taint the minds of the good people, and make them mad.

After his death, Marcus came to his final judgement before God, and was sent to hell almost immediately. Whilst in hell, Marcus began to hear voices of a man that said required his "special talents, but he paid no attention to the voice for quite some time, he was enduring eternal agony after all and had no time to think about killing. Five long years went by without a soul to talk to, in complete darkness and agony, Marcus had gone utterly mad. His speech ceased to make sense, and he actually was starting to enjoy his everlasting pain, sometimes letting out a maniac laugh or two. He was then able to think of all the killing he had done, all that he had gained in the world of the living, and of course the woman that he loved. Then suddenly, one day, out of nowhere, a bright and shining light appeared and the pain instantly stopped, and he felt life moving through him, in him again.

Marcus woke up in a completely black room, subtly lit with candles, and writing made in blood was all over the walls of this place. In contrast to all of this, he saw the love of his natural life. To her, who had tears of joy in her eyes, he said; "So this is why you were persecuted, you were a witch." She nodded in happiness as Marcus slowly got up from his slumber, and killed the girl. You se he did this because she saved him from death, not because he wanted to kill her, he would have honestly loved to live with her forever. You see, he was an elitist, and believed that only the fittest could survive in this world, and that the weak deserved to die, so in sort he deserved to die because he was weak but someone so frail as she was actually turned out to e stronger then him by resurrecting him. Nonetheless with her last breaths she chanted an ancient language in her last moment of life and the blood on the walls had started to glow green. To this Marcus felt more pain, and was cursed with the sign of the beast. His skin turned to an amorphous stone, he grew two razor sharp horns the length of two swords, and his families signature armor was melded to his skin. After that, he grew grotesque as his body took shape again as a monstrous beast. Now he had the gift of immortality thanks to that girls generosity, but the need to take blood every so often to stay alive from her anger with him. He would also turn into a monster whenever his life was threatened, the monster that she and everyone else envisioned him to be, THE MOCK TURTLE. .

Anyway, when someone accepts this battle, I will finish my biography. The template is a bit ........ lacking without it completed. Once again I will accept ANYBODY, just have to know the rules and be some what skilled.
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Apr 26, 2007
Eh, why not. I'll take you.

I'll have my temp up in a while.


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Oct 7, 2008
Sup? Although im in another battle with you can i be in?? anyway say no dont care say yes then well sweet


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Oct 7, 2008
As you've probally seen in the other threads over december i'll be inactive so im just gonna pull out if thats ok with you? m-s
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